Question about Tiebreaker Logic In PF20

Question about Tiebreaker Logic In PF20

Postby KW77 » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:30 pm

From my understanding it has been fixed in 21 but 20 still has different logic for playoff tie breaks


We know Detroit has a bye, Green Bay and the NFC East winner will not have a bye.

Using the PF20 Tiebreaker logic, what can we expect to happen here if Carolina, New Orleans, and Arizona all finish 11-5? Carolina went 2-0 vs New Orleans, 0-1 vs Arizona, New Orleans went 1-0 vs Arizona. So H2H, Carolina is 2-1, Arizona 1-1, New Orleans 1-2.

Someone pointed out that a tiebreaker for the NFC South division title should happen first, then the tiebreaker for the bye week, which means Carolina would be the division leader but lost to Arizona so they would get the bye week, and Carolina/New Orleans would play each other in Round 1 of the playoffs.

Is that how the PF20 tiebreaker logic works as well?

Thanks in advance.
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