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LA Lakers - Young Core - 2017 & Beyond

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:12 pm
by BarryD88
ESPN....We are now joined by Daniel Wright who is at the Los Angeles Lakers
Headquarters as here in a few minutes, the Lakers have called for a last minute
Press Conference. Daniel, what is going on?

Daniel - Last night about 9pm Central time the Los Angeles Lakers called for a
Press Conference for this morning at 10am. This is pretty unusual as most times
teams call a press conference about 24-hours before it is held. So it looks like
a last minute...should I say an emergency press conference?

Daniel continues - Here are the rumors that are circulating about what most people
are saying about what they think is going to happen this morning. As you know,
Ervin "Magic" Johnson was called as the Team President several monthes ago. What
most people are saying is that most Free Agents do not want to come to the LA Lakers
to play. Johnson was signed on to help lure players to L.A. Last week you might
remember, we reported that Magic Johnson was in talks with Free Agent LaBron James
to sign with the Lakers and if he signed that he would help lure other players to sign
and want to play with L.A.

Daniel continues - So, we are expecting Magic Johnson at the press conference today to
maybe talk a little about that. Free Agent signing is still a couple weeks away but
they could have already set something up and talk about it here today then the signing
will be "officially" announced" in a couple of weeks. Wait, there is some stirring at
the door. Well, this is VERY unexpected....Los Angeles Lakers CEO Jeanie Buss is actually
coming to the podium right now..........

Jeanie Buss - Good afternoon. I would like to thank all the media for coming today on
short notice. We have made a change here and we would like to announce what we feel "is
moving forward" with the Los Angeles Lakers. Today we are announcing a new General Manager
for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise...our new G.M. son, Jonathan Buss.
At this time we would like to ask Jonathan to say a few words.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:13 pm
by BarryD88
(Background - Jeanie Buss, the third of four children to LA Lakers Jerry Buss started at a
young age, at the age of 19, she started in the family buisness as the General Manager of the
LA Strings a professional tennis team. She later became owner of the Los Angeles Blades a
professional roller hockey team. Several years later she bacame vice-president of the
Los Angeles Lakers. After Jeanie's father Jerry passed away in 2013 she received controlling
interest of the Lakers. Her brother Jim Buss was a part of the team but stepped down in 2017.
Jeanie Buss has basically been in charge ever since.

So, who is Jonathan Buss? In 1990 Jeanie Buss married vollyball player Steve Timmons. In 1991,
Jonathan was born. Jeanie and Steve divorced in 1993. Jonathan stayed most of his young childhood
with Jeanie and was in mostly private schools. But, at the age of 15 Jonathan wanted to spend
more time with his Dad. He still had his time with his Mother but mostly lived with his Dad, when
Mom was busy. After high school, it was off to U.S.C. for college. After receiving his MBA in Business
Administration/Management he decided to travel Europe and more. Spoiler - Tomorrow we will find out
more at a press conference about how he became the new G.M. of the Los Angeles Lakers.)

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:13 pm
by BarryD88
Jonathan Buss takes the podium at the press conference - I would also like to thank the media that has
turned out today. I have been a Los Angeles Laker fan since birth. I know that there is not many
people that know about me. I was, I guess you can say, kind of sheltered from the media when I was
born up untill, well, till now. The last couple of years I have been touring Europe but after several
communications with Jeanie, or Mom, I purchsed a plane ticket and came into LA to have some talks with
her. At this time, I would like to announce, I am going to be holding another press conference tomorrow
afternoon to go over more of the details of how all of this has transpired plus the state of the Lakers
and my plans on getting this organization back to number one. Thank you and I will take questions tomorrow.
Thank you again for coming.

ESPN Announcer - This has been a REALLY Big surprise today. At the beginning of the day we thought that
Magic Johnson was going to announce that they had agreed to a contract with LeBron James, but at this time
we are not sure what is going on with the LA Lakers. There was also a rumor that Magic Johnson was going
to hire sports agent Rob Pelinka as the new General Manager but that looks like it was just a rumor. AND,
who in the world is Jonathan Buss? Those and more answers hopefully will come tomorrow at the press

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:14 pm
by BarryD88
Second Press Conference - Good afternoon. My name is Jonathan Buss. Los Angeles Lakers CEO Jeanie Buss
is my mother. Steve Timmons is my father. I hope to answer a lot of your questions but before we do
get to the Q&A, I would like to continue. I spent a lot of time with my parents and I was guarded from
the media. My birth was made official but it was well guarded as most of you did not know that I existed.
My name for many years was Jonathan Timmons. But recently I had it changed to Buss. No disrespect to my
father but I eventually wanted to follow in my Mom's foot steps. After high school and college I did spend
time touring Europe. Watching decisions being made by the Lakers that I thought was wrong, it was time to
step up to see if I could lead this team in the right directions. I thought that Mom, Jeanie, needed some
help and a good friend she could trust. I am ready to get to work on the Lakers.

After the Lakers hired Ervin "Magic" Johnson as the teams President, I was thinking we were in good hands.
Then I began to hear rumors of what the Lakers were thinking next...sign Free Agent LeBron James. I
personally did not think that was the way to go. So, I knew it was time to talk to Jeanie about the future
of the Los Angeles Lakers. I did not think of turning our future over to an older player, no disrespect to
Mr. James but I think his skills are deteriorating and I think the young core that the Lakers have now are
the way to build this team. Believe me, it did not take just one phone call to Jeanie Buss about this team.
I made several calls "A DAY" then I decided it was time to come home. I asked Jeanie to not make a move till
I got home and talked to her. We hashed out a lot of things and I think that she trusts me and the decisions
that I will make for our team. I will also be talking to her before making some decisions, but not all. So, I have
talked a little bit about the future of this team is going to be the young core that we currently have. We
will be looking at Free Agents and using the draft to build this team. We feel our core is young and talented
and did not want to get older. We wanted to stay young and athletic and continue to build the Lakers back to
prominence. I am hoping to have this team in the playoffs in two years or less. At this time I will now take
a few questions.......(After questions the press conference comes to a close)

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:15 pm
by BarryD88
The next day Ervin "Magic Johnson called a press conference and stepped down as the Los Angeles Lakers President.
He was not fond of the comments made by Jonathan Buss, the new G.M. of the Lakers or his comments about LaBron
James. When Mr. Buss was asked to comment all Mr. Buss would say was that he was disappointed that Magic was not
going to stay on as team President but he understood why Magic left the team. He was hoping to get to work with
Magic and form a number one team again.

Rumor was...Magic stepped down as he no longer had Jeanie Buss's ear anymore and now it was going to be Magic
against Jeanie and Jonathan and he wanted no part of that.

So now, it looks like Jonathan Buss is ready to get to work. Everyone wonders what his first move will be to
better the Lakers.

Jonathan Buss decided to stay with the coaching staff that was in place. He was thinking there was enough turmoil
that they did not need to change coaching at this time. Everyone is on a one year contract so if things don't go
well change can happen next year. The LA Lakers will be lead by the Head Coach - Brian Knight 38 years old. First
Assistant - Sean McCall 35 years old. Second Assistant - Michael Coursey 64 years old and Third Assistant - Roy
Shehan 43 years old. No moves here........

Jonathan Buss - Time to send our young guys to the D-League. October 4, 2017 we sent SG-Alex Caruso and C-Ivica Zubac
to the D-League. I have called a meeting with our scouts and coaches as I want to streamline the roster. We also
could use some draft picks. Is there anyone we can trade?
Scouts and coaches have helped a lot and the coaches have told me who they would like to keep moving forward. We only
have a couple of guys to move. Can I find a partner to trade with?

Transaction.....October 17, 2017 we found some trade partners. We have sent PG-Isaiah Thomas to Memphis for their
Second Round Draft Pick. We also have sent C-Brook Lopez to Brooklyn for SG-Nik Staustas and their Second Round
Draft Pick. We also have come to terms with a Free Agent. We have signed Free Agent SF-Kawhi Leonard. He is coming
off an injury but the scouts say he is good to go.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:18 pm
by BarryD88
2017 LA Lakers Roster Link...…………

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:20 pm
by BarryD88

Re: LA Lakers - Young Core - 2017 & Beyond

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 11:30 pm
by BarryD88
Jonathan Buss - Our first game is now behind us and the last several days have been
exciting and stressful. We found some trade partners to pare down the roster and
found some future draft picks which are going to be very important in keeping this
young core in tact and keep bringing in new talent. We also found Kawhi Leonard
just setting there on the Free Agent list and we needed some more talent on this
team and with what we think Leonard can bring to the table this first year, I think
he will be nothing but a positive influence on this team. For Game One on the season
our coach put him in the starting lineup and he only got to play 17-minutes. Our scouts
and doctors said he was 100% but only playing 17-minutes brings a red flag. But let's
see if he can play into more minutes as the season progresses.

Jeanie Buss was excited to see this team win it's first game and she was also very excited
for me too, but I told her not to get too excited as it is a long season. We have a long way
to go, but I too am excited that she went with me, her son as the new GM of the Lakers.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:35 pm
by BarryD88
Here are our first 10 games with the leading scorer in each...…..

LA Clippers 103 LA Lakers 124
LA Lakers 123 Phoenix 98...Kawhi Leonard...20points
New Orleans 124 LA Lakers 107...Jordan Clarkson...20points
Washington 122 LA Lakers 112...Julius Randle...25points
Toronto 94 LA Lakers 118...Kawhi Leonard...20points
LA Lakers 114 Utah 93...Lonzo Ball...28points
Detroit 91 LA Lakers 109...Kentavious Caldwell-Pope...16points
LA Lakers 107 Portland 121...Julius Randle...20points
Brooklyn 81 LA Lakers 117...Lonzo Ball...19points
Memphis 105 LA Lakers 121...Kyle Kuzma...28points
Lonzo Ball also had a triple-double with 16points, 13boards and 12assists
Record 7-3

Here is a look at the standings................................................

Western Conference:
Eastern Conference:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:36 pm
by BarryD88
Here is a look at our stats after 10-games...……………….