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Brooks_Piggott wrote:Not a bug, just a difference in expectations. Keep in mind if I change the criteria for getting extended it will significantly lessen the number of jobs available for people to take. If for example every coach that wins a conf championship in the past 2-3 years gets an extension then some of the perennial teams that are at the top will never lose their coach. Same if I give extensions to anyone who has an end of year award winner, or gets 13 wins, or raises prestige a few points. So I'm not going to make it too easy... but i can bump it up a bit for some of the major items. In the future we may add difficulty options so you can choose how strict the athletic departments are.

First I want to say I am really impressed with the new version adding this feature and I know you are working hard to make this game better every year. That is greatly appreciated.

Obviously the challenge here is that the bar for firing/extending will be vastly different for different levels of programs. And that the most obvious connection to expectations is prestige.

It looks like when you start the game prestige ranges from 35 to 95. Even the bottom feeder teams will have a goal of making a bowl game/.500 record, while elite teams will have a goal of 12 win seasons consistently.

That leaves a range of 6 games, per yer, across roughly 60 points of prestige. So as a purely mathematical idea for every 10 extra points of prestige, your expected yearly win total would go up one game.

A 35 prestige... thrilled with 6 wins, Get to 45 that goes up to 7, 55 (8), 65 (9) and so on.... And I would say this generally rounds up (So if you go 6-6 year one, expectations might be 7 wins in year 2, but it might stay at 7 for year three depending on how much the prestige rises.)

I don't know how hard the coding logic is on a formula like that... but I think it works out to fairly accurately reflect various expectations.

Some examples from the start of the game Prestige.

Team A (68 Prestige)... Would be expecting between 8-9 wins per season (or at least in two of three seasons)

B (51) Happy with 7-8 wins

C (79) Wants a head coach to get them into the 10 win range.

Since difficulty isn't adjustable..there should be some wiggle room there, but probably not by more than a game per season. So if you take over Team B to start.. you probably need to win at least 18 games in three years to keep your job... and 24 wins in that time gets you a nice bump in the level of schools considering hiring you.
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