FCFL - Custom Plays League - DDSPF20

FCFL - Custom Plays League - DDSPF20

Postby ZootMurph » Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:11 pm

This is a new league I am thinking about creating, IF there is enough interest.

Simply, there are no current leagues with custom plays allowed. I want to play against others using custom plays... that's the interest for me in this game. If I can get at least 11 others interested in playing, I'll start the league up.

I will start it in 1990. I will let the computer run 10 years, so everyone has some stats to look at for the players and an idea of the settings, etc. So, the league will start in the year 2000. The size of the league will depend on players who sign up... basically we'll vote on it. My goal is a full 32 team league, but we can do a smaller league with each player creating his own team identity (city, team nickname, and artwork). Settings will be:

Roster Size: 53
Practice Squad: 1 (Practice squad player will be off limits to claim, but can be traded)
Overtime will be sudden death, no ties.
Trade Deadline will be week 10.
Preseason games are up for discussion. I personally prefer 2... but I'm open to any choices others prefer.
Player Bubble Text: Jersey
Coach Progression: High
Training gains will all be normal.
Scouting points will be default.
Use New XP rules will be checked.
Salary Cap will be a hard cap of $150 million. Allow teams to exceed cap for extensions AND force strict cap will be checked. There will be 0% penalty for player cuts up until regular season. 10% penalty once week 1 runs and through the championship game. After the championship game, the cut penalty will go back to 0%.

Advanced Settings:
Playbook Frequency Minimum: 20
Playbook Minimum Run Plays: 20
Playbook Minimum Pass Plays: 20
Run/Pass Ratio base will be 1.
Run/Pass Ratio modifier will be 100.
Any broken play or abusable strategy (100% run or something like that) will be reported to Wolverine and likely will be banned until Wolverine creates a system or makes changes which fix the issue, based on a majority vote of all owners. So, if there are 16 owners, 9 will have to vote to ban, otherwise no ban will be put into place. Anyone using a banned substance will forfeit any games in which the banned substance was used. I think this league will be great to help Wolverine better understand their engine and allow them to make adjustments where many strategies are viable without being overpowered, creating better strategy within the game.

Allow custom team plays will be enabled. Share plays with all teams will not. All others will be default.

For most things, I'm more than open to discussion on settings before the league begins. FCFL stands for First Customplay Football League, so custom plays are not open to discussion. :)

If you are interested, post here... also, if you have questions, post here as well.
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Re: FCFL - Custom Plays League

Postby CoachBork » Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:11 pm

Did you ever get interest in the league?
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Re: FCFL - Custom Plays League

Postby ZootMurph » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:04 pm

No. No one is really interested in this part of the game. It's too scary for most people, I guess.
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