Logo Packs for DDSCB19 Full College Mod

Logo Packs for DDSCB19 Full College Mod

Postby NCAAhoops » Thu Mar 21, 2019 3:23 pm

Annoucing the release of Logo Packs for the Full College Mod. Currently 4 Logo Packs are being released.
The idea behind the Logo Packs is if you install the Full College mod and want different logos you can change them easily even in the middle of any association at anytime during the association. These do not work with the Bloomington Conversions mod associations, only associations started with the FC mod.
They will include Association logos as well. With Conference logos adjusted to appear in game screen such as Standings a little better than past.

I am still working on a Throw Back Logo Pack that will work like these but will contain teams older more graphic logos. (Change up your game and have a throw back logo week). It will be released at a later date but wanted to get these out in celebration of the Tournament this week.

You can install any of these Packs and if you are not happy you can go back to the original mod logos (Logo Pack 1) or try a different pack with no issue.
I will be updating the Full College mod 1.10 at the end of the season to version 2 that will adjust team screen colors to work with these logos, but they work fine with version 1.x. There were 3 logos missed named in v1 of the FC mod as they are named after the team. I missed spelled 19_Siena/19_Sienna, 19_manhattan/19_manhatten and 19_prairieview/19_prarieview. These will be fixed in version 2 of the mod. Currently I included 2 copies of those teams logos so the Pack will work with both version 1.x and upcoming version 2. So if you notice duplicates of those three logos thats why.

In short Pack 1 is the FC mod original logos, Pack 2, 3 and 4 use the logo on the teams website currently.

Logo Pack 1
Contents are Soft Square logos with an under shadow. These are the original Full College Mod Version 1.x release logos that had a little more graphic style logos. Installing these would be the same as using Full Court Mod defaults.

Logo Pack 2
Logos are like the type that was installed when the Full College mod is installed but they are updated to the same logo that is on the teams official website currently, so many are different than Pack 1. The actual team logo is slightly smaller so some look better on screen as you see more of the logo. Connecticut's logo comes to mind here if you want to compare.

Logo Pack 3
Contents are Square logos different tha Pack 1 or 2 using the current logo on the basketball teams websites. These logos have a larger team logo than the soft square logos because there is no under shadow. The logo appears to wrap over the edges of the square.

Logo Pack 4
Flat logos with transparency using the current logo on the basketball teams websites. Similar to what comes with the game originally. These are the largest team logo. Logos with an outline color were used so they would show up better on the game screen, but there are some that I did not find with an outline that I liked but a high percentage do and will add them when found.

If you receive and error installing just some logos, then the game was not exited properly from the game exit button and will still has some logos locked for use. You will need to re-run the game and exit properly or if that does not work you will need to resart your computer to get the game to release the logos and try again. The install checks to see if the game is running if so exit by the exit button not the top right typical MS Windows close.
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