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I have never purchased the pro football game here but I am considering the next version when it is released. I apologize if my suggestion is already a feature of the game.

One problem I have always had with professional sports games is the inability to offer creative contracts to players. Every game I have played, if a player wants $100 million over five years, the only way the game allows me to pay that is a level 20 million per year. I would like to see a game that allows some creativity. For example, lets say this player request is coming from a 33 year-old Pro-Bowler and future HOF player. In that case, I might decide that the best way to meet his demand is to offer years 1 and 2 at 30 million each, year 3 at 20 million, and years 4 and 5 at 10 million each. This still reaches his stated overall value but allows me to free up cap space for other stars as he ages and his skills decline.

In a perfect world the option of offering incentive clauses would also be programmed in but I know this might be impractical from a game programming perspective.
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Re: Contracts

Postby Skycast » Mon Aug 06, 2018 12:02 pm

Versatility in contracts has been something that has LONG BEEN requested to absolutely no avail. You either give them what they want or you let them adjusting years up or down or nothing. A huge oversight if you ask me.
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