Starting roster unbalanced?

Starting roster unbalanced?

Postby hefewe1zen » Sun Sep 23, 2018 7:39 am

I imported my college career to CB2018 and started a brand new Pro game to play alongside it. Starting year is 2018.

Fictional roster is the default option but everything looks strange to me. Teams have 3 or 4 quality players, the rest are 1.5 star with 3 scoring, 2 passing, 3 rebounding etc. Don't know if the rating scale is the same as in CB but my low prestige college team has better passers and rebounders.

My SG has 1 outside shooting and there's nothing I can do to stop him from attempting 3 pointers, he's 0-44 in 11 games so far this season.

Half of the team are rookies or 2nd year players.
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Re: Starting roster unbalanced?

Postby Tim Moungey » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:14 am

A couple of things here:

1) You're running a 1-10 rating system. That means you're going to run into a uncertainty. 1-100 will give you a much clearer picture.

2) In general, the college game has much lower ratings than the pro game.

3) How many teams is your fictional league?

4) You can set player instructions to have your SG take fewer 3 point shots. My suggestion is to have them be a month long. More Whatevershot type at Expense of 3 point shooting. The player might change his preferences, he might tell you to go jump in the lake. Keep at it, though, and eventually you can minimize his 3 point attempts. You won't be able to entirely eliminate them - game situation and opponent strategy, such as high zone, will still cause some 3 point attempts. But they'll drop significantly.
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