DDS3 League Opening (Transitioning to DDS19)

DDS3 League Opening (Transitioning to DDS19)

Postby emplep7 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:07 am


I'm involved with an online sim league called the Champion Sim League (CSL), which has been around for over 5 real life years now and is in its 10th season. We have been running on DDS3 for all these years, but are going to transition to DDS19 in 1.5 seasons once we can convert all of our rosters over and test them out properly.

We currently have a handful of openings, which is rare for how long we have been running and are opening it up to the larger forum.

The website is here: so feel free to look around.

The open teams are below:
- New York Knicks (Young team in the beginning of a rebuild with all of its picks.)
- Indiana Pacers (Team with several good pieces who needs one or two more to become a playoff threat. Led by Kevin Love, Victor Oladipo, and Justice Winslow)
- Memphis Grizzlies (Talented team who needs an active GM. Led by Khris Middleton, Zach Lavine, and Draymond Green)
- Dallas Mavericks (Veteran team who was a championship contender a season ago, needs an active GM. Led by PG13, Ibaka, and Derrick Rose)

If interested in joining, please register on the forums and send an email to to apply.

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Re: DDS3 League Opening (Transitioning to DDS19)

Postby Rizzo » Mon Apr 15, 2019 11:14 am

One of he best leagues out there and we have our own personal online scouting web app we will be using starting next season. We create our own rookie classes based on real prospects and send out scouting reports on a monthly basis. We also have a twitter account you can follow @CSLSimLeague to keep up with the happenings around the league.
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