Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2018

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Take control as head coach of your favorite college basketball team. Build your coaching profile and settle in on the long road to tournament glory. In addition to winning games and piling up trophies you’re responsible for hiring your staff, researching players, recruiting new talent and of course coaching your team. Look to further your career by improving your coaching resume and prestige to land better jobs or even take on the role of an assistant coach for a totally different way of playing the game. Get immersed in the incredibly detailed simulated game world which sports one of the best recruiting engines in any collegiate video game.

New In DDS:CB 2018 

  • Convert 2017 leagues
  • Coach rating tracking and better development
  • Rating progression tracking for players
  • Coach lineage feature
  • Improved AI recruiting
  • UI Improvements
  • Assistant coach poaching and coach job offer improvements
  • New player/coach relationship issues and improvements
  • Better end game management including half court heaves!
  • Read about all these and more in our blog post


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DDS: College Basketball 2018 


Customer Reviews
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Outstanding and Incredibly Deep

After playing an old sim college basketball game for years, I decided to break out of my comfort zone and try a new series. DDS did not disappoint. The game is crazy deep and a very fun way to celebrate the final four.

Gary does it again!

Gary’s college basketball series continues to be the premier college basketball simulation sports games on the market. The depth and complexity of the game have had me playing for hours at a time. This year’s edition of the game gets even better with the inclusion of new features and an even more challenging AI. The game can be played in many formats from straight simming to playing out every game and micro managing lineups and dealing with team issues that arise time to time makes me feel as though I am sitting in the seat of a real college coach. Great game! Great fun! and a great challenge if you like college basketball or sports sims in general.

Best CBB game there is

The depth, detail, customisation possibilities and attractive UI make DDS CBB 18 easily the best College Basketball sim I’ve ever played.

DDSCB 2018- College basketball at its finest

The newest edition of Wolverine Studios’ college basketball game has everything except the sweat (For a small additional charge…). If you’ve always dreamed of coaching a college basketball team, this is about as close to that experience as it is possible to get. You start by creating your coach, then you choose your team, and off you go. From choosing which offenses, defenses, and presses you will use, through the very realistic, and sometimes frustrating recruiting process, on to the actual college hoops season. You’ll choose your lineup, and definitely make changes to it from time to time. You decide whether to simulate or play out each game. All of this is filled with depth, complexity, and challenge, and all of it realistically simulates the college basketball experience. You will have decisions to make at every turn, and your decisions will affect how well you do. At the end of each season you may be offered a job at a more prestigious school (lots of schools, more than likely), and you will need to decide whether to move up, or whether to try to build your present team. Want to switch conferences? You can even do that at the beginning of the season. Want to go after a transfer or two? It’s in there. Need to discipline a player. Yep. Want to cut a player? You can do that but there may be a penalty to your prestige rating. I could go on and on. Let me close by saying that I got here in April of 2007, and I’ve followed the college game through every new iteration. There are so many ways to play, and so many challenges, that I have never grown tired of this game. Give it a try. If you like college hoops you just might become as addicted as I am! Oh, there’s a Forum where guys like me are happy to help newbies as they learn the game.


Any college basketball fan might miss College Hoops 2k8, and long for a good college basketball sim/game. DDSCB18 helps us deal with that and more. It is such a great college basketball sim and is so fun to start at a small school and work your way up to your dream job!

Awesome Game

I thoroughly enjoy the game as it brings all elements of real college basketball to the simulation, from recruiting to building your staff and coaching the games. One aspect I truly like is that you can choose to simulate certain areas. For me, I enjoy the recruiting aspect the most so will typically simulate many of the actual games.

Great Fun

This game gives you the opportunity to take the reigns of a basketball program like no other has before. Do you want to be the next Rick Pitino? Build a dynasty only to be discovered as a dirty coach? You can do it. You want to go legitimate and grind your way through recruiting hoping to get the best of the best kids in the country? Go for it. The developer has spent a lot of time listening to the community and working to make this game what WE want. What other game companies can you say that about? (Looking at you EA) Try the demo, give it a chance, you’ll be happy you did.

System Requirements
System Requirements
Windows PC Only
1280 x 768 minimum display resolution required
128MB RAM minimum
250MB Hard Drive space minimum