Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018

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Game Description
Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 puts you in control of your favorite pro football franchise. You make the calls as you build your dynasty – build your roster through trades, the draft, and free agency while you help your players improve with custom training options. Watch the action unfold in dramatic 2D fashion where you can take control of the play calling and make the choices that lead your team to victory. Play by yourself against a challenging AI or join an online multiplayer league and see if you have what it takes to outmanage your fellow gamers.

Here’s some of what’s new for DDS: Pro Football 2018

  • Brand new user interface
  • Enhanced 2D mode allowing you to coach the games and call your own plays
  • Hire the right coaches for your team’s success
  • Updated play calling AI/playbook mechanisms based on coaches
  • Enhancements to player skills and ratings
  • Revamped free agency, draft logic and AI trading
  • Updated HTML generation for online leagues


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ISN – “Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 is an absolute bargain at $34.99 because you are buying weeks or even month of pure football bliss”

System Requirements
System Requirements
Windows PC Only
1280 x 768 minimum display resolution required
128MB RAM minimum
250MB Hard Drive space minimum