Have you heard about Gamers Outreach and their Project Go-Kart? Gamers Outreach builds portable, medical grade video game kiosks that allow hospital staff to provide bedside recreation for children who are unable to leave their hospital rooms. When we found out about this amazing organization we couldn’t wait to get involved with them and set out to raise the $4,000 necessary to build and deliver one of their GO Karts. By donating a portion of sales in 2017 we were able to raise the funds and this past February we were able to join members of the Gamers Outreach team and J.J. Bouchard, the patient technology coordinator at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan to deliver the GO Kart!


As a graduate of the University of Michigan, choosing C.S. Mott was a no-brainer as the hospital to receive the GO Kart. About ten patients per day are able to use the GO Kart – the children are able to play with their family or the staff while waiting for procedures or surgery or even as a distraction while waiting for a shot. Playing with the GO Karts during these situations has reduced patient anxiety and makes an unpleasant experience at least a little more bearable.

As gamers we know how playing a game can allow us to sometimes escape from the problems of the real world and if anyone needs that escape it is these brave kids battling in these children’s hospitals. We thank you so much for the games you purchased from us that allowed us to raise the funds to do this but there are still many more GO Karts that need building. In fact we’re so thrilled we want to give you a chance to win a free copy of our Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018 as a thank you!

This coming weekend Gamers Outreach is hosting its biggest event of the year – their annual Gamers for Giving event. Gamers for Giving is a competitive gaming tournament, streaming marathon, and LAN party held at Eastern Michigan University. If you can, we definitely invite you to check it out and if you can’t be sure to stop by the Gamers Outreach website and see what you can do to donate to this awesome cause!