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College Football 24

College Football 24



You’re in charge, and all eyes are on you. Recruit, strategize, and customize your playbooks, down to creating your very own plays. In Draft Day Sports: College Football 24, customize your league size, players, teams, and logos. Our college football sports simulation game puts you in the driver’s seat to call all the shots and then watch the action unfold.

New Features

Enjoy new ways to play, such as starting in the off-season with the draft and free agency, or try new Universe Mode, which allows you to control multiple teams while easily being able to switch control back and forth.

The presentation factor has been turned up! New player/coach/rookie cards and an updated dashboard screen along with new player and coach models make this version the best looking sim game on the market. New features like more notifications and improved 2D game presentation features make the game world even more vibrant and informative.

The best trading engine in any basketball game gets better! Learn about what type of build your trading partners are doing, see what their needs are, get offers on demand, and use the new sign and trade option to get something before your star player leaves town. The AI logic has been made even smarter to value picks more and to be able to use them better in trades with other AI teams.

Check out a host of new additions, such as a new schedule and expanded schedule screen, better draft pick monitoring, expanded lineup tracking features, game previews, all new milestone tracking, offseason injury options, free agency rumors, d-league select players and much more!

Player and coach personalities go even deeper this year to make it feel like you are managing real players and coaches. Players have new player trait badges to help you easily identify uniquely skilled players. Experience new and different ranges of outcomes when talking to the media about players, and deal with star players who want to win even more now or will look for a new team.

Link your league with Draft Day Sports: College Basketball for a totally immersive game experience. You can automatically import draft classes as well as keep tabs on the standings, stats, and rosters from your college game world all right inside of DDS:PB21. Use the expanded scouting tracker to keep tabs on players who will be in future draft classes as well as the upcoming one.

New Features

Completely revamped recruiting system now introduces budgets and facility impacts along with an additional focus on coaches and recruit personalities to make recruiting the most realistic its ever been.

Create an unlimited number of depth chart packages so you can gameplan for every formation and situation exactly the way you want to.

Newly added spring game gives you a simulated look at how your returning players might fare in the upcoming season.

Customize the playoffs from a host of options so that your college football universe can be how you would like it.

Major interface changes to provide a fresh new look, more useful information and added bonuses like an in-game ticker and new team navigation options.

Link your league with Draft Day Sports: Pro Football for a totally immersive game universe. Bring rookies in from DDS:CF and track your college universe without ever having to leave DDS:PF.


  • Windows 64 bit PC Only
  • 1920 x 1080 minimum display resolution required
  • 128MB RAM minimum
  • 500MB Hard Drive space minimum
  • MAC users - must be able to run Windows environment through some additional program for game to work

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