College basketball season is underway and as we countdown to March it’s time for a brand new edition of the #1 college basketball game on the market – Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019!

We’re excited to show off our brand new trailer highlighting just a little bit of what makes this franchise so great. Take a look!

As you can see we have highlighted a few of the new features in that video including the brand new UI which not only is even better to look at than before but puts more information and links at your fingertips for quick and easy navigation. Our new 2D coaching screen also is shown which puts all of the coaching features right on the game screen allowing you to make adjustments on the fly. We also added feedback for when you are trying to motivate your players so that you understand how they reacted to you trying to fire them up! We also gave you more coaching options like the ability to have your team stall on any offensive possession you want and the ability to call a timeout on a made basket to setup that all important press in the final seconds of a game!

But that’s only the start of the improvements to the best college basketball game on the planet. We added a brand new sandbox mode to the game this year which will allow you to jump to any team you want in the offseason. If you’re a hardcore simmer up for a real test we also still have the challenge mode where you will have to prove yourself to get the bigger jobs (and to keep the one you have!). We’ve also made huge improvements in player generation and the simulation engine making stats even more realistic than they already were.

You’ll find an array of new things in and around the league. The brand new scouting report gives you a clear look at head to head stats between you and your opponent and even shows you a percentage chance of winning the game. The summer camp preview magazine has been enhanced to show which players you have recruited and who has interest in your school to make it easier to target some of the top names to be recruited.

Speaking of recruiting – no game does it better and if you’re a fan of the game you already know that. We improved the recruiting screen to make navigation a little easier and also added saving your last viewed settings so that you don’t have to reset your filters each time. We also know that recruiting isn’t everyone’s favorite job. New to Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019 is the option to skip the summer activities and go right to the season! Check your in-game email on the first day of the season for this option and then sit back and relax while the summer is simulated quickly with just one click. You’ll be coaching in no time!

We’ve also expanded our popular Tournament Maker feature which allows you to take the teams in your league and make exhibition tournaments. We expanded this feature to allow 16 and 32 team tournaments now instead of just a 64 team field and stats are now tracked for this exhibition tournament so you can see which players fared the best.

We could go on and on – there’s new coach and player faces, coach outfits, player jerseys for their photos, expanded jersey numbers for players to wear, new simulation speed options, emails detailed why your request to the board was denied and so much more.

The good news is you don’t have to wait long to experience it all for yourself. We will be launching our FirstAccess¬†program on Monday! FirstAccess gives you the opportunity to pre-order DDS:CB 2019 and in doing so you get a discount, a FREE Steam key when the game is available there and most importantly the opportunity to download the latest beta version of the game and start playing.

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019 will be officially released on Tuesday, February 5th and as always a fully playable free demo will be available then. We look forward to seeing what you can do this year, coach so get ready to get back to school and #BuildYourDynasty!