Happy #WolverineDay everyone!

Today marks the 13th anniversary of Wolverine Studios and we are celebrating in a BIG way.

But before we begin the festivities we want to send a huge shoutout to YOU! Without your support we wouldn’t be here today so thank you so much for all the games you have purchased throughout the years. If you know of some friends who would like our games (or even a few thousand friendly strangers on your social outlets) please share this blog post with them today as there will not be any better day throughout the year to jump on board with the games.

The first thing you’ll notice (hopefully) is we’ve refreshed portions of the site. We love changing things up and keeping them fresh and we hope you like the new design.

Second, we’re have a MASSIVE sale today. This is the first ever #WolverineDay and we’d like to make this a thing going forward every May 1st. ALL of our games are priced at $13 today to celebrate our 13th anniversary – no coupon codes needed and no limits. It’s a perfect chance to get that game you were on the fence about or to buy a few for some of your friends. That means you’re saving over 60% off the normal price. That’s the biggest sale price we’ve done – it’s like Black Friday on steroids!

As a famous TV personality said “but wait, there’s more!” EVERYONE who makes a purchase on site today will be entered to win one of these beauties.

You could be walking around town sporting an official Wolverine Studios t-shirt. There aren’t many of them out there – it’s a true collector’s item.

Maybe you and all your friends already have all of our games but you still want that awesome t-shirt? Well make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram because we’re going to be having like and share contests there with giveaways today.

We hope you enjoy #WolverineDay and we hope to make this the start of something big every year. Thank you again for all of your support in the past 13 years and here’s to bigger and better things to come in the years ahead!

p.s. here’s a link to the webstore – we’ll see you there and feel free to leave a comment below. We want to know who came to our party!