Wolverine Day 2 - A Smashing Success! - Wolverine Studios

Last year we introduced Wolverine Day and the outpouring of community support and interaction we saw was the largest we ever had experienced in a single day in our community. To surpass that was an extremely high bar set for this year and we’re happy to say that bar was BLOWN AWAY!

Wolverine Day 2 blew away our expectations and we thank you, our valued community members, more than words can express. Highlights of our day included…

  • Meeting and surpassing the 1500 follower threshold on Twitter
  • Our very first two ever Twitch streams (with more to come for sure)
  • Three great giveaway contests on our social media outlets
  • Two grand prize gift boxes given out to customers
  • Lots of new friends and customers getting to experience new games
  • So many wonderful interactions : people sharing their favorite players from their own dynasties, excitement over DDS: Pro Football 2021 screens and many, many congratulations, kind words and memories from customers both new and ones that go all the way back to the beginning of the company.

We cannot express enough how amazing it was not only to see the swarm of new members to our communities but also that there have been people supporting us and playing our games here at Wolverine Studios for nearly a decade and a half. It was a fantastic way to cap off our 14th year in business and we’re really going to have to blow it out next year to surpass this year’s party.

We want to congratulate our winners of our giveaways. All winners have been contacted and congratulations to Marcus Lewis, Thomas Lawley and Chace Barber on winning our free game giveaways as well as Douglas Adams and Ernest Lewis who will be receiving the big prize packs with the Wolverine Studios swag!

One final thank you to everyone who purchased a game, retweeted a tweet, shared a post and showed up to watch our Twitch streams. This company is what it is because of YOU. We hope to earn your continued support and we look forward to a fabulous fifteenth year with you!