Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf - Wolverine Studios

Hit The Virtual Links Like Never Before

DDS: Pro Golf lets you take on the career of a professional golfer with game play that melds quick and realistic on course play with a deep management side. Become a tour legend!

Career Based Simulation

Take your golfer on a journey from struggling to get on the tour all the way to retiring against the old pros.


Customize tours, tournaments, logos, sponsors and even players with ease.

Build Your Course Library

Two beautiful courses come built-in. Purchase additional courses or use the built-in course designer to design and share your own!

Quick Game Play

Play a round in less than 10 minutes. Perfect for playing out seasons or a quick round at lunch.

Six In Game Tours

Play on the junior, pro or senior circuit on the American or European tours.

Track Your Greatness

The rich in-game almanac tracks your achievements and the greatest records to break on tour.

Your Career Begins Here

As a professional golfer the game is much more about just playing rounds of golf. Manage your career by hiring a caddy, getting sponsors and making use of the training module which allows you to have full and complete control in the areas of development for your golfer. Manage your cash to be able to stay afloat on tour while you wait for your big tournament win and the big sponsorship money to roll in.

Six Unique Tours

DDS: Pro Golf gives you the chance to play out your career the way you want to. Start out as one of the tour’s greats and chase the championship cup or start as a rookie on the junior circuit trying to make it to play with the big boys. Each tour has its own unique set of qualifications and in some cases championship events. Don’t forget about annual special events you can participate in such as special tournaments pitting American players vs European players or players from around the rest of the world!


  • Windows PC Only
  • 1280 x 768 minimum display resolution required
  • 128MB RAM minimum
  • 250MB Hard Drive space minimum