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Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018 gives you the chance for the ultimate in basketball armchair general managing. Take over your favorite team and draft, trade, sign free agents and make strategic decisions to set them on a course to be the next great dynasty in this career based simulation. Enjoy the immersive, simulated gameplay and rich almanac storing an archive worth of stats and records while you make the day to day decisions to guide your franchise to the top of the basketball world.


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Gameplay Features

  • Control the vision, development, and strategy of a professional basketball franchise over decades.
  • Historical replay mode lets you rewrite history.
  • Draft college prospects, sign free agents, hire your coaching staff and put together blockbuster trades.
  • Choose from a variety of league setup options to create your own “dream league”
  • Realistic, detailed financial models. Juggle the budget expectations of your team’s owner and the salary cap to build a winner.
  • Financial changes allowing the salary and luxury cap as well as player salaries to increase over time.
  • Build your basketball championship team according to your unique philosophies and strategies.
  • Manage the egos and personalities on your team. Do you support your coaches or trade the players?
  • Robust stat tracking from individual player shot charts, advanced stats like PIE and lineup tracking to let you see what combos work best.
  • Combine stats added for rookies to use for scouting rookies to draft.
  • Fully playable European League and a full 32 team development league.
  • Ability to expand your league through the years via expansion draft.
  • “Matchup Maker” feature allows you to pit any two teams from the past against each other.
  • “Tournament Maker” feature allows you to run a 16 team exhibition tournament with teams from the past.
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DDS: Pro Basketball 2018

System Requirements
System Requirements
Windows PC Only
1280 x 768 minimum display resolution required
128MB RAM minimum
250MB Hard Drive space minimum