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July 19, 2022

A change in our lineup

DDS: College Football

Hello sports fans! We hope you enjoyed our 2022 lineup as much as we did in bringing the games to you and we hope you are even more excited for what we have in store for you in the coming season. As you know our launch times have been consistent in the past few years with our pro football and basketball titles launching around the start of their respective seasons and our college titles releasing at the start of the college post-seasons. This year we've decided to shake things up a little bit and we've made a change at the top of our order.

Draft Day Sports: College Football 2023 will be the first release in our 2023 lineup and is scheduled to launch on Friday, August 26th - just in time to kick off a new season of college football. Our plans currently are to keep the other releases at their usual time frames but we felt we wanted to give our college football fans the opportunity to experience the awesome new changes we have coming to the series this year for the entirety of the college football season (and beyond). We know college football die-hards can't wait for each Saturday and this year you will be able to experience the thrill and glory of college football EVERY DAY during the season!

So what's in store for the new version? For starters we've upped the customization game allowing you a brand new option of having a 16 team playoff. Haven't you wondered what that would look like in real life? Well here's your chance to find out! We've also made recruiting changes to handle the new life of transfers in college sports as well as new options like for a player to decommit in some scenarios. We've also got changes "on the field" with improvements in depth chart packages, usage, sub logic, injuries and player movements to provide an even more accurate representation of the game. DDS:CF23 will continue to be the closest experience to being a college football coach short of the real thing!

We'll detail more about the changes in the coming weeks including having Developer Dynasty streams on Twitch (so be sure to follow us there). As always we will have our FirstAccess period which will give you an opportunity to pre-order the game and play the latest beta versions and also as usual we will be offering a discount on those pre-orders including an even larger discount to anyone who purchased DDS:CF22 from wolverinestudios.com. We look forward to another great season of bringing you the ultimate in Franchise Mode experiences and we're counting down the days to kick-off of DDS: College Football 2023!