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September 16, 2020

All About FirstAccess


There are many challenges to running a small independent game development company but one of the benefits is having a very tight and loyal community that we can rely on to help us succeed. One of the biggest ways our community does that is through what we call FirstAccess and we are very excited at the prospect of you joining our special community.

FirstAccess is our process of beta testing our games before they are officially launched. Because we are small the only way to get sufficient numbers of testers prior to launch is to ask for the community to help us out. In return we offer a discount on the game, a complementary key on Steam and of course early access to the beta builds of the games.

So what does that mean for you? It means that if you choose to participate in our FirstAccess process (which is completely voluntary, if you purchase just for the discount and wait until final launch that is totally ok too) we're really counting on you to help play a vital role in the final production phase of the game. When we open the game to the public in this stage this is the beta portion of the game. It has gone through internal play testing but not nearly a large enough population of people to properly beta test the game.

Playing during this stage of the game means that you are going to more than likely encounter bugs - some that may be minor or cosmetic - but possibly you could encounter something that is a significant issue that may even render you having to restart a new game file. So many people play in their own unique way or edit certain things - that is why it is so crucial for us to get many people involved in this process. We ask that you report these issues and we fix them up and constantly release new builds until the game is at the status of being ready for final release.

What about suggestions? We are sure that while in playing you might come up with some great ideas and we definitely want to hear about them. If they are minor tweaks or changes there is a good possibility we can include those in an updated beta build as well so FirstAccess is not only a chance for you to help us make sure the game quality is where it needs to be for a final release but also to contribute your own ideas as well.

We know that this process isn't for everyone and as mentioned if you want to pre-order just as a means to get the discount and wait for the final release we certainly understand. To those though who do take this opportunity to help play such a crucial role in the game's final development we thank you for not only your patience in testing the game at this stage but also for the extremely important role you are playing in supporting our company and making it possible for us to continue to succeed, grow and continue to provide you the highest levels of sports simulation gaming going forward.

Thank you as always for your support and we look forward to having you as part of the team for FirstAccess.