February 15, 2021

Draft Day Sports: College Football 2021 FirstAccess Begins Today!

DDS: College Basketball

Today we kick-off the next generation in college football greatness as Draft Day Sports: College Football 2021 is now ready for FirstAccess!

If you are new to our company FirstAccess is the period here prior to the official launch of a game title. We offer you the opportunity to purchase the game with a discount and in addition to that you are eligible for a complementary Steam key when the game launches there. Best of all you receive your license key right away with a download link to be able to download beta builds of the game so you can test along with us as we finish up the game.

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If you've been wanting a realistic college football game that gives you immersion, depth and a whole lot of excitement then this is the game for you. DDS:CF21 puts you in charge as the head coach of your favorite school. Recruit your next class of superstars, customize your playbook to maximize your strengths and most importantly beat down your hated rival on the virtual gridiron!

DDS:CF21 has been completely overhauled on the brand new "Au" platform to provide you a beautiful and easy to use interface. Our games prove you don't have to sacrifice looks just because you're playing a management style simulation game. You won't confuse our games for a spreadsheet anytime soon!

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One of the best new additions outside of the complete interface overhaul has been the improvements in recruiting. We know recruiting for a college football team is a big job so we've made it as easy as possible to handle those recruiting tasks as well as giving you the option to hand off some or all of them to your AI coaching staff. The level of customization in DDS:CF21 is off the charts - we want you to be able to experience the game in the best way for you to do it and we give you the opportunity to do just that.

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If you're missing Saturday football already the cure is right here. Draft Day Sports: College Football 2021 gives you the most immersive and exciting college football experience you can get today. If you're ready to join the ranks of the all-time greats then click that button below, get your pre-order in and get ready to #BuildYourDynasty.

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