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September 1, 2020

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 FirstAccess Begins Today!

DDS: Pro Football

If you have been craving a football game that puts the emphasis on a rich, featured-full franchise mode then today is the day you have been waiting for! Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 is ready for FirstAccess.

If you are new to our company FirstAccess is the period here prior to the official launch of a game title. We offer you the opportunity to purchase the game with a discount and in addition to that you are eligible for a complementary Steam key when the game launches there. Best of all you receive your license key right away with a download link to be able to download beta builds of the game so you can test along with us as we finish up the game.

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So what makes our football game different than others you might have played? We've taken the efforts to make a beautiful and very intuitive user interface thanks to our "Au" platform proving you don't have to sacrifice looks just because you are dealing heavy in numbers.

Beyond the fantastic interface you will find a game world that is deep and immersive. The redone draft wows you with an introduction that gets you hyped for the draft and then an in-game draft presentation that provides running commentary and updates on team needs, best players available etc..it's like nothing you have ever experienced in any other football game.

The immersion isn't just in the presentation though - all new player traits, mentoring options and player storylines bring these players to life in new ways. In some football games your success lies in simply grabbing the highest rated players while in others it all depends on your hand-eye coordination and button mashing skills. In DDS:PF21 you build a team - a team of players that feel real, that interact in a real way and that you have to manage to find the right fits for your scheme and your locker room. If you truly want the experience of managing a pro football team nothing will get you closer.

We did not stop there with the improvements this year though. There are now more play design options to allow for motion and play action plays. A revamped depth system allows for third down backs and better control over who is on the field. The penalty system has been totally revamped to give you control in the 2D games and make the AI smarter in handling them. The AI has also received upgrades to its game management logic including areas like 4th down logic to give you an even more realistic challenge.

In addition to those things there are a host of other new features and improvements making their way into this year's football game. Things like new performance grades for players or more customization options like editing more coach details, hall of fame thresholds and multiple playoff options. Want more data? We've got that too including an option to export data so that you can analyze it any way you like. Want to experience a full football universe? Create a league in Draft Day Sports: College Football and link it with your pro game to bring in rookie classes and track news and data from your college universe without ever leaving the pro game!

We know that if you are a hardcore football fan you've been waiting for a football game that puts this kind of emphasis on franchise mode. Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 is the deepest and most immersive game world you're going to find for a football game today. Pre-order your copy today and get ready to #BuildYourDynasty with a franchise mode like you have never experienced before.

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