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October 1, 2020

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 Now Available!

DDS: Pro Football

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Wolverine Studios is proud to announce that Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 is now available both here and on Steam. DDS:PF21 has been rebuilt from the ground up on the Alchemium Unlimited platform to provide the most stunning and realistic experience in simulation football today.

If you are looking for a true franchise mode experience DDS:PF21 has it in spades. You have the ability to run every aspect of your franchise from designing and calling plays, deciding your weekly strategies, hiring coaches and of course signing and drafting players. Speaking of the draft it has been totally redone to give you the most interactive and immersive experience in any football game. Enjoy the running commentary from the on-screen announce team, insightful draft tidbits and of course the thrill of making your selection hoping you have just unearthed the next gem to be the star of your franchise.

That's just the start of the new additions to this year's game. Here are just a few more of the new things you will find in DDS:PF21

Lifelike Players

Players now have social types, multiple player traits, player mentoring options and player storylines in addition to ratings that accurately impact the outcome of the game based on the formations they are used in. Not only will you have to find the best players for your favorite scheme but you'll have to make sure they are forming a good team off the field as well. You will feel like you are truly managing a football team and not simply managing a bunch of numbers.

New Ways To Analyze Players

Take advantage of the new performance grades to let you see a high level view from your coaches on how a player has been playing in each game and new notifications show you exactly when a player has increased their ratings during the off-season or season thanks to their training schedules.

More Customization

You already enjoyed the ability to customize so much about the game such as team names, logos, player faces and more but DDS:PF21 takes that customization to a whole new level. Edit more details about coaches, configure your own hall of fame requirements, choose from multiple playoff options and explore the new data export capabilities to analyze statistical data in the way you want to!

And Most Importantly...Even More Realistic Results

The game engine has received multiple improvements to give you what really matters and that is realistic results and results that are truly impacted by your decision making. New play design options allow for motion and play action plays, revamped depth options allow for designation of third down backs, a total revamp of the penalty system allows control in accepting penalties and the AI has received multiple upgrades in penalty and 4th down logic.

So if you're ready to hit the gridiron this season with a game that is truly dedicated to franchise mode then Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021 is for you. Don't just take our word for it though - view our trailer below and then try a free demo for yourself.

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