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August 30, 2019

#FeatureFriday - Lineup management gets a refresh in Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020

DDS: Pro Basketball
Feature Friday

One of the things about our games that is a blessing is that there is so much data and so much control over managing your team but sometimes that blessing can be a curse too if the data is tough to manage especially when it comes to lineup management.

We've done a pretty good job in the past of keeping things manageable but we're making things even better in DDS:PB 2020! Today we've prepared a video showing off the staff, roster and depth chart management screens.


As you can see the staff screen does a better job now of letting you see how good your staff is quickly as well as laying out things better so that you can compare everyone by looking left to right instead of having them positioned differently around the screen as in the past.

The team roster screen is also cleaner now. We've made it easier to compartmentalize decisions - roster decisions on the roster screen, contractual issues and decisions on the contract one. You also will find the ability to manage certain portion of your d-league affiliate's activities on these specific screens so you know exactly what you have put yourself in charge of and what you are letting the AI handle for you.

By far the biggest change is the depth management. In the past you had two screens to work with - one for the depth chart and one for the lineup matrix and while the lineup matrix was a useful tool it was cumbersome to fix on an ongoing basis because you only had one quarter's worth of rotations on the screen at once.

Now we've set it up so all the depth and lineup management is on one screen and you have access to the entire lineup matrix. Everything is color coordinated and its much, much easier to see how your lineups are set to work. The visual aspect of seeing the entire lineup matrix at once makes for a much more pleasant experience and makes it much easier to visualize your rotations and get exactly what you want setup.

We hope you're excited to see this new content and see how the game is evolving to make it an even better experience for you. Let us know what you think in the comments below and we're looking forward to showing off more detail next week.