March 9, 2021

How a Football Simulation Helps You Live Out Your GM Fantasy

DDS: College Football

What are they thinking?!” Have you ever said this out loud while watching a big game? You’ve thought so many times before that you could do a better job managing this football team, so we’re going to let you live that dream out. Our football simulation will let you put on your GM hat and take the reins. Here’s how you can hone your skills as a general manager with our Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021.

Build a Franchise on Your Terms, Your Way

You know that this is about so much more than a lousy play. Big change needs to happen at the core of this team. Use Wolverine Studios to build a franchise that will dominate your rivals for seasons and years to come.

This isn’t just a football game simulation; it’s a career-based simulation. And every season is going to bring its own unique and challenging question marks. Plus, with updates made to our 2021 version, you have new playbook options to choose from so that you can continue outsmarting your opponents. Every year, the game gets tougher, the players get better, and the strategy becomes more complex. Are you going to be able to keep up with that? We’ve got your back.

You’ll need to keep recruiting the best players, coaching them to work as a unit, and managing your staff so that it can run like a well-oiled machine. Simply having the best people isn’t going to be enough. Every person will play a pivotal role in your franchise, and it’s your job to make sure players and members of the administration are pulling their weight.

Because this simulation is career-based, Wolverine Studios makes it easy to track and monitor your progress over time. Keep track of everything in the historical archives and watch your franchise climb the rungs season after season. We’re a sucker for spreadsheets, and we know how important they are in recording your numbers. We hope you’re ready to geek out on the analytics, because we’ve got a lot of numbers waiting for you inside our sports simulations.

We know that franchise mode has been a bit of a sore spot in the industry of sports simulation, but Wolverine Studios is here to raise the bar. We don’t just have franchise mode. We are franchise mode.

Customize Your Franchise for a Fully-Immersive, Lifelike Experience

You’re probably used to being able to customize more superficial elements like players’ appearances; and that’s always fun. But we’re taking it a few steps further.

We want you to be able to customize everything from a deeper and more complex strategy level. So, we’ve made it easy for you to tailor your league size, players, teams, and logos to your liking. 

Manage your players’ social types, create characters using multiple player traits, and craft their own unique storylines, to experience a real-life quality. Players come with those own histories, strengths, weaknesses, and personality quirks. You’re not dealing with flat, one-dimensional characters. You’re working with complex, layered, human-like creations.

You can even import rookies from DDS: College Football 2021 to Pro Football 2021, or directly link your league, for a completely immersive game universe (and without ever having to leave the game that you’re currently playing in).

Sophisticated AI and Unparalleled Technology

Particularly when it comes to franchise mode, football sports simulations games have fallen short. It’s left the community disappointed and unsatisfied, still looking for that flawless franchise experience.

We don’t want you to feel like you’re merely pushing buttons and watching our AI do all the work. As the general manager, you need to be able to take a far more active role.

Wolverine Studios has built its AI to be incredibly savvy and constantly improving. In real life, you’d experience all sorts of curveballs as GM; so, we want your football sim experience to be the same. This isn’t going to be predictable or easy to beat. You’re not going to pull a fast one on the AI or find a way to cheat it or cut corners.

It’s going to come down to precise strategy, flawless execution, and mastering the data you collect throughout the season.

Why Wolverine Sports?

We take our work seriously, and it shows. In fact, in early 2021, we ranked third place on Operation Sports’ Best Management Sim in 2020, for both Draft Day Sports: College Football 2020 and College Basketball 2020. Wolverine Sports was recognized by the industry leader and biggest news outlet, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Plus, we never settle for mediocre. We’re not trying to be as good as our competitors; we’re aiming to surpass them. This is why every year, we make updates to our sports simulations.

Here are a few updates that you can expect from DDS: Pro Football 2021.

  • New performance grades that let you quickly see how players are performing and at what point in the season they’re earning improvement bonuses in their ratings.
  • A more streamlined and user-friendly interface.
  • More editing options for details on your coaches, Hall of Fame configurations, and playoffs.
  • New data export capabilities so that you can work with your numbers however you want to.

And if you want to try your hand at coaching, here are some of the changes we’ve made to DDS: College Football 2021.

  • A redesigned recruiting interface where you can take on more actions and see them organized more effectively.
  • A smoother user interface that’s easier to navigate.
  • An improved game engine with new play design options that allow for motion and play action plays; revamped depth options for designation of third down backs; and a total revamp of the penalty system.
  • AI improvements for penalties and 4th down logic.

We’re excited for you to see what we have to offer. Ready to take a look?

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