February 19, 2021

How to Use College Basketball Simulation Games to Become a Better Coach

DDS: College Basketball

If you never feel more at home than when you’re on the court and want nothing more than to lead your team to victory, then a college basketball simulation game will let you hone your skills. How exactly can you leverage a sports simulation game like Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021 to its fullest potential so that you can sharpen your strategy and improve your coaching acumen?

Let’s dig in with some tips from the pros (meaning… us), and how you can apply them to DDS: CB2021. Keep scrolling for more!

Become a Better Coach With College Basketball Sports Simulation Games

Customize Everything Down to the Smallest Details

The last thing you want from a college basketball simulation game is for it to feel like a game. You need this to feel like real life.

This means that the ability to customize and personalize your experience is key.

With Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021, you take control — not the game. Select your favorite school of the size of your choosing, devise your summer scouting plans, recruit the players who you think are the best fit from all over the country, and come up with the plays and strategies you feel will lead your team to tournament glory.

It doesn’t end there, though. Being a coach is about more than the players; you’re also going to have a staff to build and manage. Our coaching lineage feature even lets you look in on all of your assistants to see if they’ve been successful on their own after learning from you. 

Did we mention that this is a long-term play? (We bet you didn’t think that so many people would be relying on you!)

The customization potential extends to your players, logos, and you can even export rookies. Download community-created mod files to transform your game into a world of your own, for a fully immersive, interactive experience.

This is about so much more than pushing buttons and playing against a mediocre AI (more on that in a minute). You’re going to feel like you’re on the court, calling the shots and charging toward the big win.

How you play is entirely up to you. Would you prefer to start at a small school, make a name for yourself, and gradually work your way up the ladder? Or do you want to dive right into your dream job and attack with full force?

The choice is yours.

Build Your Dynasty Well Into the Future

Like we said, this is a long-term play.

This isn’t about just one game, one team, one season. It’s about the success of the entire franchise. You’re no fair-weather coach — you’re in this for the long haul. In this case, what you really need is a career-based simulation, where every season brings new challenges from the board, in addition to recruiting new players along the way.

It’s a long road ahead, and you probably already know that no two games, players, or seasons are going to look alike. The strategy will need to evolve, as will you. After all, the greatest coaches on earth find ways to outdo themselves season after season.

Being able to track your progress over time will be crucial. Otherwise, how will you know what’s working, what isn’t, and where and how you can improve? With Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021, you can record your achievements over time in the historical archives so that you can relive the excitement and also review your past approaches. Store and export everything you need in spreadsheets and databases so that it’s easily accessible and perfectly organized.

There’s a lot of pressure on you to call the right plays, expertly manage your staff, and demolish your opponents before the timer runs out. And you’re going to have to do it for years to come. The pressure is on.

An AI That Can’t be Hacked, Cheated, or Sidestepped

When you’re using a college basketball simulation game to become a better coach, nothing is worse than a simulation that you can easily cheat.

Sure, winning is nice — but you also know that in reality, winning usually isn’t that easy.

As a real-life coach, there is no hacking the system; so, why should your sports sim be that way? Wolverine Sports uses an intelligent AI that allows you to make informed decisions and then watch the action unfold. There are no magic tricks or shortcuts — only strategy and expertise that will culminate on the court.

You’re going to have to leverage your expertise and think outside the box because there probably won’t be any easy calls here. What did you do in the past that worked? Take it and find a way to make it better, because your job requires you to be constantly improving.

Our goal is to replicate all of the same challenges, hurdles, and obstacles that you’d encounter in real life. This won’t come easy, but nothing worth chasing ever did. That’s just going to make your victories seem so much sweeter.

The team at Wolverine Studios has made it our mission to engineer a college basketball sports simulation game unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. It’s not just our smooth graphics and lifelike characters. It’s the brilliant AI, painstaking attention to detail, and the incredibly immersive experience you’ll get.

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