March 19, 2021

How You Can Enjoy College Sports All Year Long

DDS: College Football
DDS: College Basketball

Any real sports fan will tell you that the greatest day of the year isn’t Christmas, but the start of the season. We wait all year for our favorite college sport to kick off; and when it ends, we search for something to fill that void. Fortunately, you don’t have to sit by idly while waiting for your top players to make their next appearance and beat their rivals. With Wolverine Studios, you can not only watch the action unfold 24/7/365, but you can play an active role in it, too.

A new season is just a click away.

Stepping Up in a Big Way in 2020

2020 threw everyone for a loop, and with the world effectively shutting down due to the pandemic, that of course included college and pro sports. These have been unprecedented times, and people didn’t always know how to respond.

We knew that this was an opportunity to fill in an emptiness that so many people around the globe were feeling. In reality, it’s about so much more than the game itself. Sports bring family and friends together and let diehard fans see the action come to life. It’s about feeling the rush, building memories, and — let’s be honest — scoring a big win.

We knew that we needed to adapt and continue offering one heck of an experience, just like we always do. While there was nothing we could do to open stadiums back up or get players back on the field, we could certainly let them live out their sports fantasies in a realistic and immersive way. So, we did.

That was undeniably the case for Washington sports anchor Sam Adams. He turned to Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020 to simulate games from the NCAA tournament and witness realistic outcomes. He told ESPN, “I wanted realism. But selfishly, I wanted to run highlights.” DDS: College Basketball 2020 let him feel the action, almost as if he had court-side seats.

Recruiting card from Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021

When the Final Four was a no-go because of the pandemic, we set a goal for ourselves to replicate the usual excitement and adrenaline rush of March. We decided to run one simulation to see if we could predict who would have been successful, if business had gone on as usual. We only used one simulation on purpose; we wanted to recreate the uncertainty and thrilling chaos that we’d normally experience.

Nothing can replace the real thing; but it was our mission to come as close as possible, for the fans. With this simulation, they got to see how their favorite teams might have fared, under normal circumstances. It brought fans together and gave us the opportunity to feel some of that excitement that the season normally brings.

This was a moment of hope and positivity for our community, demonstrating that through thick and thin, our love for the sport never dies.

We know that fans have been left wanting something more, with no real way to satisfy that hunger. And that’s why we’ve created a world where you can lead your favorite teams, coach your favorite players, and enjoy victory after victory, all year long. You’re not just a spectator anymore, either. Defeating the opponent comes down to you.

Offering Fans a Vivid and Highly Interactive Experience

We don’t compare ourselves to our competitors; we compare ourselves to reality. Those are the kinds of standards that we have. That’s why you’ll notice that our simulations are incredibly lifelike and highly customizable.

Battle the powerful AI or compete against other opponents to put your strategies to the test in Draft Day Sports: College Football 2021

The college sports recruiting modules are in-depth and expertly organized in a sleek, professional user interface. Pick the exact type of team you’re dreaming of coaching, and choose where in your career you begin the simulation.

Our AI is built to let you call all the shots, and then watch the action unfold. Are the fruits of your labor demonstrating that you organized a team that knows how to find victory, or could your recruiting and coaching skills use some work?

You’re going to get to know every player on a more personal level — their strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, who they work best with, and so on. Your job is neither simple nor easy. You have to find not only the best players, but also the players who work together best. There’s no “i” in team. It’s a collaborative effort that you’re ultimately responsible for.

And from there, it’s up to you to devise the best gameplans, strategies, and tactics to demolish your opponent and score a win. Will you figure out how to outsmart your rivals… or will you get laughed out of the stadium? You can decide.

Having a thoroughly customizable technology is the only way for sports fans to really enjoy a one-of-a-kind, totally authentic, beautifully organic experience. The Wolverine Studios team has a real eye for detail. When you step into one of our sports simulations, you’re nearly stepping into reality. It’s been a huge win for us to be there for you, even when the going gets tough and life doesn’t look exactly how we planned it to.

Well, what are you waiting for? Your team needs you. Your fans are eagerly waiting. A lot is at stake. Ready to give one of our college sports simulations a try? Check out the free demos that we offer and get in the game! They’re 100% free and no payment information is required. See you there, coach.