February 15, 2021

Ready for March? Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021 FirstAccess begins now!

DDS: College Basketball

Are you itching for the excitement of March (especially since the NCAA Tournament was cancelled last year)? We've got just what you need - Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021 is now ready for FirstAccess! The king of college basketball games is back!

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This year's version is our biggest and best ever - in addition to our own upgrades we went over a list of more than 250+ community suggestions for the game and included a good number of those as well. You'll find both some welcomed new features this year as well as many minor tweaks that are sure to delight long time players of our game!

Recruiting has received some of the most important upgrades this time around starting with the totally redesigned recruit card above. You now can perform your recruiting actions right from this card itself as well as getting new information about the recruit's level of interest right on the card as well as a better way to see the ratings you have already scouted on the player. You can also communicate via text message with recruits right from this screen too!

One of the biggest new additions to the game is the use of NET and the NET quadrants to determine which teams will make the championship tournament with at-large bids. This replaces the outdated RPI system and allows you direct insight into seeing which of your wins (and losses) are playing key roles in determining your tournament fate.

The additions don't stop there though - we've got upgrades in every facet of the game such as the changed 2D screen to improve game play, the redesigned strategy screen which will let you see all of your player proficiencies at once so you know which sets to focus on, new recruiting filters to help narrow your lists even more, updated sub matrix features, sim engine improvements to make players stand out more at smaller schools, additional options to skip portions of the summer periods and so much more including the redesigned dashboard screen above which lets you get more information on your players and get to recognize them better which is important in a college game with so much player turnover.

That's just some of the improvements in this year's version. To see them all you're going to have to get on the road to the tournament yourself! Will you become one of college basketball's all-time great coaches? It's time to tip-off another exciting year of college basketball and time for you to #BuildYourDynasty!

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