February 25, 2021

What to Look for in a Realistic College Basketball Simulation Game

DDS: College Basketball

When it comes to picking a basketball sports simulation game, you certainly have options to choose from. But while a lot of sports sims talk the talk, they don’t really walk the walk. If you’re looking for a realistic college basketball simulation game that will let you hone your skills as coach or manager, here are some of the qualities that you should keep an eye out for.

Let’s set you up for success.

The Most Important Things You Need in a Realistic College Basketball Simulation Game

An Intelligent AI

You have little to nothing to learn from a game that makes it easy to cut corners on the way to victory. If you were to step out on the court in real life, you’d have a major challenge ahead of you. So, your college sports basketball simulation game should be no different.

This is one of the biggest problems we see with sports simulations games. The experience makes it clear that you’re playing a game. Instead of feeling lifelike and realistic, it feels flat and artificial.

Reporting preview from different conferences in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021.

Your sports simulation game needs to operate with an AI that’s as smart as you, if not smarter. This is the only way you’ll be pushed beyond your boundaries, forced to expand your horizons, and ultimately improve your game.

Your sports sim should give you a real run for your money. If it doesn’t challenge you, then it won’t change you.


How much flexibility does your college basketball simulation game give you to personalize your experience? This is a telling sign of just how realistic it is.

We’re not just talking about being able to pick whether a player has blond hair or brown hair (although that’s always a nice touch). What types of colleges are you going after — bigger or smaller? Where in your game are you starting your career — as a total newbie or a seasoned professional? Who do you want on your management staff? What are your coaching philosophies? How will you set your practice plan to achieve those? Who are you recruiting and training, and where in the country are they from? How can you evolve and adapt from season to season?

Being able to customize your experience, down to logos and colors, is going to make your sports sim feel far more lifelike. Besides, we know that as coach or manager, you’re not going to be like any other professional. You need all the room in the world to be creative and innovative, to think outside the box.

Data and Analytics

Tracking and measuring your progress is the only way to know if your efforts are paying off.

Are your team members working well together? Which lineups are most effective when used? Is your management staff pulling their weight?

Scouting Report from Wolverine Studios Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021

The only way you can determine these answers is to follow the data. What do the insights tell you?

This is why it’s crucial that your college basketball simulation game offers you sophisticated and robust analytics to work off of. Maintaining in-depth spreadsheets and monitoring your progress game after game, season after season is going to be non-negotiable if you want to lead your franchise to victory.


This is 2021, and the bar is high for simulation games. It’s about aesthetics, yes. But it’s also about the way your characters speak, move, play, behave.

If your characters and environment look like they came straight out of a 90s Nintendo game, you’re dealing with the wrong basketball sim.

This is one of the biggest indicators of how sophisticated a sports simulation is.

The Wolverine Studios Difference

At Wolverine Studios, we design our sports simulation games with you in mind. And excitingly, we brought several new updates to DDS: College Basketball 2021. Here’s what you can expect.

  • We’ve added enhancements like the NET Quadrant system. This will determine who makes the postseason tournaments, bringing the game feel even more true to life.
  • Our latest recruiting upgrades allow you to recruit directly from the revamped player card, and see more information on the interest level of your school.
  • New recruiting filters make it even easier to target your favorite recruits.
Recruit card from draft day sports college basketball
Recruit Card from Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2021
  • There is a whole host of new page additions, including a redesigned dashboard screen, new schedule screens, improved ways of selecting simulation times, game-by-game updates while simulating, and changes to the strategy screen to display team proficiencies. Ultimately, the game is even easier to use and navigate.
  • The customization has gotten even better. Use our new database editor to change the team names, conference names, logos, courts, and more.
  • Community-created mods amplify your gaming experience.
  • We’ve made multiple improvements to the game engine. New changes have been made to the 2D screen for a better experience, including extra pop-ups when players have a great game, and changes to the simulation engine itself. You’ll find better players at smaller schools, to be more impactful on the stat lines. They can play an outsized role for their team, just like you might see them do in real life.
  • You can link your league with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021 for a totally immersive game experience. Automatically transfer your draft-eligible players to DDS:PB21 so that you can track standings, stats, and rosters for your college world right inside the game.

Want to get first access to DDS: College Basketball 2021? Pre-order today and get on the court. Your team needs you!

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