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January 1, 2019

Your first look at college sim heaven - Draft Day Sports: College Football 2019 and Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019

DDS: College Football

College sports live here - simulate your favorite school all year round!

As the calendar gets ready to flip over to 2019 we're ready to bring you the big news about our college lineup. Our teams have been hard at work on Draft Day Sports: College Football 2019 and Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019 and we're going to bring you a quick look at some of the great new things to expect from both franchises. As always we want to reward our loyal WolverineStudios.com customers so there will be pre-order discounts and FirstAccess open beta testing and the great news is BOTH games will be getting ready for this stage very, very soon. Let's start on the gridiron and talk about some of the improvements there.The first thing you will see when starting a new career is the new "Career Mode". This mode gives you the opportunity to create your head coach and then face the pressure of living up to expectations. Fall short and get canned. This brand new feature brings a whole new dimension to DDS: College Football - just don't get fired because who knows where you might end up!

We're also excited for some big changes to recruiting in the game. First, players can now transfer and you will have an opportunity to recruit those transfers prior to the start of each new season. We also know that recruiting isn't necessarily everyone's favorite past time so we've added both an auto-recruit and auto-scout mode to help you do some or all of the dirty work on the recruiting trail. By the way, take a look at the brand new user interface which puts all of the game links at a glance on the left side so that anything you want to find in the game is just a quick click away.

For all you coach wanna-be's out there you'll be in heaven with the new features in the depth chart and strategy sections. Fans of Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019 will appreciate these additions as you will now have the ability to setup multiple packages on offense and defense, see how all of your players line up in the formations in graphical format, setup the percentage you want to use each formation, create custom playbooks full of your favorite plays and analyze how each play works out for you. You'll feel just like a real head coach!

That's only some of the upgrades in the 2019 version. Don't forget all of the other amazing features of DDS:CF like the ability to watch your games unfold in exciting 2D gameplay, new customization options to let you have control over prestige, training and camp improvements and of course the ability to send your players to the big leagues by exporting them for use in Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2019. You can follow your favorite players from 5 star recruit all the way to hall of fame player!College Football fans aren't the only ones in for a treat this year - Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019 will surely delight whether you're a hardcore fan or only tune in for March Madness. Our beautiful 2019 UI has made it's way to DDS:CB as well. Everything you want to access is available with a quick click and we've reorganized some screens like the recruiting screen to make it a little bit easier to find what you're looking for and not be too overwhelmed.

There is not a college game out there with the in-depth recruiting options of DDS: College Basketball but we know that for some people they want to get right to the games and not worry about recruiting. In the past you could assign those tasks to the AI but you would still have to click through every week of the summer while camps and recruiting took place. We made a big change this year giving you the opportunity on the first day of the season to skip right through the summer and get right to the games! You can now temporarily hand over control of recruiting and practice decisions to the AI and take back control when it's time for the season to start. For those of you who wanted to get right down to business each season- this one's for you!

The most exciting part of college basketball is that it's fast paced and decisions have to be made in a split-second. That's why we are so excited about our new 2D interface. Rolling over the big logo on the side will now give you access to the usual options like calling timeouts and working the ref but you'll see some brand new options guaranteed to make the coach in you giddy with excitement. There is now a stall option that will force your team to go into a slow down for as long as its selected. You can use it to close out a half or a game, to just slow down the pace and get control of what's going on or to drive your opponent nuts by slowing the pace to a crawl. You will also see the "on score" checkbox area which will allow you to call a time-out immediately after a made basket letting you be able to set up your press, make a key sub or go into a full court man to man press to make sure you get a quick foul if needed.

You'll see some other new buttons there - now you will find buttons for offense, defense, matchups and team stats which will display those items in the side window allowing you to make changes on the fly as opposed to having to go to the subs/coach popup like before. This makes for a much more seamless in game experience and makes it far easier to make changes as the gameplay takes place.Those are some of our favorite new things but it's far from all. We've made (and are continuing to make) so many improvements based on user feedback. You'll see things like a new sandbox mode so that you can jump from any team you want on a year to year basis, our new coach and player faces (with coach suits and player jerseys) are coming over from DDS: Pro Basketball 2019, you will get an email explaining why your request from the board was denied, an enhanced summer camp preview magazine to help you better see who has interest in your school and tons of other tweaks including reworking the sim engine to make wing players more effective scorers and more realistic in terms of their shot distribution - things like using a dribble to get a mid-range shot instead of shooting too many three pointers.We rely on our community for improvement ideas in all of our games and we are confident once you get these games going you'll find just how many areas something (large or small) has been added based on a request from our amazing community members. We can't wait to get you back at your favorite school for the 2019 campaign - stay tuned as you will not want to miss the pre-order and upgrade discounts as well as the opportunity to get your hands on these great games before anyone else does!We hope you're excited about these new additions. If you want to discuss or ask questions don't forget you can hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or even in our new Slack Channel. We look forward to seeing how you #BuildYourDynasty with our new college football and college basketball games coming in 2019!