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November 22, 2021

Get Ready for Black Friday!

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DDS: College Basketball
DDS: College Football
DDS: Pro Football
DDS: Pro Golf

With one of the biggest sale days of the year just around the corner, Wolverine Studios is getting in on the action! Experience the thrill and joy of building your dynasty this Black Friday. 

Our Black Friday sale will run from Friday, November 26, through Cyber Monday, November 29. Pro Football 22 will be available for $26.99 (over 20% savings), College Football 21 and College Basketball 21 will be $12.99 (over 60% savings), and Pro Golf will be available for $9.99 (over 70% savings). No coupon is required at checkout.

Here’s just a taste of what’s available to you.

Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 22

Most recently in DDS:PB22, we designed a brand new personality types system. Every player, coach, and general manager now has one of 23 personality types, making for an even more realistic experience. The types reflect factors like loyalty, motivation, consistency, greed, and work ethic.

You’ll also need to consider how these various personality types work together. From both a team and organizational standpoint, you need to bring athletes and professionals together who will move toward a victory as one.

Additionally, we’ve completely revamped free agency, and added a new player meeting feature to the free agency screen. Meet a player you’re interested in, have a short dialogue with them, and utilize the new promise system. With this, you’re able to offer one of six promises to that free agent to make your offer stand out from your competitors.

We’ve updated the draft scouting department. Get a certain number of scouting points for both US and international players. Tailor your scouting plan based on what you value most.

Plus, we’ve added a playoff MVP award in all leagues! 

And don’t forget that we also incorporated the Play-In Tournament format

Just as in real life, the Play-In Tournament format in Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 22 gives low-ranking teams one last shot to win a ticket to the playoffs. It will test your grit and, even if you’re not the winningest coach, show that you can lead your team to victory when it matters most. 

We’re in the final days of FirstAccess! Pre-order with the code in the webstore to get your discount.

Psst! Learn more about the most recent updates to the game.

Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 22

Always embodying Franchise Mode, the sim anchors onto Wolverine Studios’ truly sophisticated AI and superior customization options. But the latest version comes with brand-new bells and whistles, as well as improvements to existing features to make your gaming experience even more immersive and true-to-life. 

One such enhancement is the introduction of an in-depth Restricted Free Agent (RFA) system. DDS:PF22 includes three tender options — 1st round tender, 2nd round tender, and First Refusal tender. If the original team withdraws their tender, then the player becomes an Unrestricted Free Agent. This means that they can sign to any team they want without any impact on their original team. 

This feature allows aspiring GMs and head coaches to dabble in managing in-game finances, as you’ll be dealing with compensation and contract offers. It also pushes you to strategize and deliberate your choice of players. 

Draft Day Sports: College Football 21

Build and control your world of college football with Draft Day Sports: College Football. In true Wolverine Studios fashion, the 2021 season installment boasts a refined, navigable interface and even more (yes, there’s more!) customization options.

This year’s version is chock full of upgrades, such as expanded playbook options, which give you more ammo to test and tweak your team. We’ve added a new coach import file option, so you can craft a customized coach file and lead your team exactly how you want to. 

DDS:CF21’s enhanced game engine includes a new play design option, refurbished depth options that enable for 3rd down backs designation, a complete overhaul of the penalty system, and improved AI for 4th down logic and penalties. 

As always, you can build a holistic world of football by linking your college league with DDS: Pro Football. While we are on a quest to develop the best game we possibly can, usage of mods is welcome. You have all the freedom and tools you need to design the team and league of your dreams. 

Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 21

Voted an average user rating of 9.5 in GM Games, DDS:CB21 came in swinging with a smorgasbord of upgrades in terms of recruiting features, page navigation, game engine, and realistic enhancements.

Immerse yourself further into the game with the NET Quadrant system, which determines the teams that move on to the postseason. Scout your favorite recruits without breaking a sweat with new recruiting filters, revamped player cards, and more information on your school’s interest level. Navigate the pages easily with the refurbished dashboard, updated simulation time selection, new schedule screens, and enhanced strategy screen, which includes team proficiencies. 

The revamped game engine now includes an improved 2D screen with additional pop-ups stating when players have good games. Revisions to the sim engine enable competent players from smaller schools to have more statistical impact and play a bigger role for the team, as they often do in real life. 

For those dreaming of fostering talent, link your college league to your DDS: Pro Basketball league for a cohesive universe. 

Pro Golf

This is an immersive golf simulation game that’s perfect for both hardcore and casual golf fans. Experience launching the career of a pro golfer with the extensive customization options that Wolverine Studios is known for. Create a player from scratch, improve their abilities, and refine their characteristics. Guide your player every step of the way, from selecting a tour, hiring a helpful caddie, planning a training schedule, and even picking out the brand of balls and clubs to use. Deep dive into the role of a manager with features displaying achievements, various media, trophies, and sponsors. 

Aside from leading a player to victory, flex your knowledge and skills by doing a quick round of your own, or even designing a course. 

Ready to build your dynasty? Experience the rush and fulfillment of fostering talent, guide a player or team to victory, and improve your knowledge of the game you love. Wolverine Studios’ signature advanced AI and a massive range of customization options provide a realistic and immersive sports simulation gaming experience that will have you coming back season after season. 

Try our free demo and begin building your dynasty today!