wolverine studios and gamers outreach charity

You can help Wolverine Studios support a great cause


Wolverine Studios is happy to announce that we have started a fundraising project to support a wonderful charity, Gamers Outreach. So what does Gamers Outreach do and why do we want to support this great cause?

Gamers Outreach is a 501(c)(3) charity organization that provides recreation to children in hospitals through the power of video games and the gaming community. Hospitalization can often be a lonely, isolating, and scary experience for young people. We ease those burdens by providing equipment, technology, and software that help kids cope with long-term treatment.

Gamers Outreach has developed GO Karts. GO Karts (Gamers Outreach Karts) are portable, medical-grade video game kiosks that enable hospital staff to easily provide beside recreation to children who are unable to leave their rooms in hospitals. You can click here to find out more about GO Karts – check them out – they’re a really well designed item.

Given that Gamers Outreach began their work at CS Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan and that Wolverine Studios founder Gary Gorski is a graduate of the University of Michigan we felt it was only appropriate that we chose CS Mott as the hospital we would like to raise the money to build a GO Kart for.

Our community is an amazing group of people and nothing would make us happier than to be able to raise the $4,000 required to provide CS Mott Children’s Hospital with a GO Kart to give some of these awesome kids a chance to do what we all love to do so much – GAME!

If you want to get involved to help there’s two options. One is simply buy a game from us. We are going to donate a portion of each month’s sales until we have hit our goal and can deliver that GO Kart. A second way to get involved is by making a donation yourself. Please make sure that you use this link so that you are donating to our campaign.

Our community is powerful and we know the kind of outpouring of support we have had in the past when we have taken on a charitable project. We are extremely thankful to everyone who supports this really cool cause in helping us to give these amazing kids fighting through their illnesses a chance to be gamers like every other kid. Take a few minutes and watch the video on our campaign page to learn more about Gamers Outreach and the GO Kart program and help Wolverine Studios deliver a GO Kart to CS Mott Children’s Hospital.