Take A First Look At Draft Day Sports: College Football 2017


College football season is right around the corner and we know our fans are hungry for a new college football sim! Today we’re happy to share some of the details of a work-in-process screen so we can talk about the user interface.



The first thing you will notice is that if you played DDS: Pro Football 2016 this game has been migrated totally now to the official “draft day sports interface”. If you are familiar with our basketball titles you will feel right at home navigating here and our football only fans will have no trouble either as all of the options still exist but are broken out into easier to find pieces.

This screenshot is making use of a large screen resolution and you will notice the empty areas where side and bottom menus appear in the basketball games. Those menus will exist as well providing you with a ton of useful and pertinent information at-a-glance giving you much more info without the need to click around. Still using a lower resolution monitor? Don’t worry – all of the info will be available to you just with an extra click or two to get there.

One of the biggest changes to the UI is the team menu laid across the top menu. Now when you visit a team page such as the team roster and would like to click to view another team you no longer have to either do so from a navigation tree or from a drop box to scroll through to find the team. Simply click the team logo you want and there you go! Not only does it look great seeing all the logos but its a big time saver too! And for fans of the basketball games – you’ll see this in the next version of those as well!

The screen we’ve shown here is the Association Media screen. As you can see there’s information on the Top 25 teams as well as a wealth of info on who’s been performing very well, the favorites for the annual awards, a newspaper and a highlight reel show so that you can watch the best plays from the week or season play out in front of you time and again!

As we said, this screen is a work in process but we wanted to share an initial taste of what you can expect in Draft Day Sports: College Football 2017. As our testing moves into its final phase we will be showing more and more of the game off and talking about some of its features. If you have something you are particularly interested in make sure you let us know on our Facebook or Twitter outlets. Until next time – happy tailgating and get ready for your college football Saturdays to take on brand new life this fall!

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