Hitting the recruiting trail and working out training strategies are key to getting wins for your school but when it comes down to it the biggest thing of all is gameday and in Draft Day Sports: College Football 2017 you’re in control of your team’s fate – the coaching is up to you!

In today’s blog we’re going to take a quick look at the coaching options. As before these screens are from the beta so they are a work in process but they will give you an idea what you can look forward to very shortly. Lets take a look at some things you will notice different from DDS:PF when it comes to this area.


The first thing you’ll notice is the field is now full screen letting you see action from end to end without scrolling. One of the best features of DDS: College Football 2017 is the ability to see the action for yourself. You’ll be screaming GO GO GO at your running back as he moves through the pile of players and starts to break off a big run. Who says a text sim isn’t exciting? Even better is that developer Brooks Piggott has been hard at work adding additional animations to make an even more complete game experience.

Seeing your genius play out is awesome but it starts with a great play call. DDS: College Football 2017 gives you tons of options on both side of the football. You have the ability to narrow plays down so that you’re not scrolling through every play to find a winner and you even have the ability to create your own playbooks tailored exactly to the strengths of your team. Check out a look below at the offensive and defensive options. Once you’ve gotten a good look feel free to head to our forums and get in on the discussion. It won’t be long before you’re taking over at your favorite school now that college football season is officially here!





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