We’re back with another developer diary for Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2017. If you missed our first dev diary we took a look at some of the new in-season features for career play now. Also don’t forget our special pre-order offer is about to come to an end with the release of the game just days away on November 7th!

In this edition of the developer diary we’re going to take a look at some at the higher-level features that are new and improved for DDS: Pro Basketball 2017.


How many times have you and your buddies had a friendly discussion (or loud smack talking argument) over who was better? All of last season hoops fans went back and forth over whether 2015-16 Golden State was better than 1995-96 Chicago. Had Golden State finished the job in the finals that argument would be going strong today but haven’t you ever wanted a way to settle these what-ifs? We’ve provided Matchup Maker to handle that task!

Matchup Maker is a special add-on feature to the game this year. Sure it has nothing to do with taking your favorite team to the championship but it’s an awesome way for basketball junkies to live out some of their dream matchups. How would Magic match-up against LeBron? Prime Jordan vs. Prime Kobe? You can take any team from 1976 on to play in fantasy exhibition games and settle the score.


Who would have won this dream matchup?


Last season we introduced historical replay by giving you the chance to start in 1976 and play forward from there. This year we’ve gone all out giving you the opportunity to start as any team at any point in time since 1976. Jump right into the Boston vs LA heyday or see if you can derail Chicago’s dominance. Go back to when you feel your favorite team could have turned the fortunes of the franchise around and see if you can get the job done!

Boston v LA in 1986

Boston v LA in 1986

But we didn’t stop there. The idea of Matchup Maker got us to thinking “how cool would it be to play out a career with some of those marquee matchups” so we added a feature you can turn on and off to randomize future draft classes. Imagine if the 2003 class followed the 1984 class? With the random draft class option it could happen in your replay career. Talk about a golden age of hoops!

Imagine this class joining the league in 1987!

Imagine this class joining the league in 1987!


We didn’t share all the new features yet though and here’s your first look at one of the fun surprises to be found in DDS: Pro Basketball 2017. How many times have you been coaching a game and the game is on the line and the timeout options just left you wanting a little bit more control? Well we have your answer. DDS: Pro Basketball 2017 is giving you the option to take over the whiteboard in the huddle by letting YOU draw up the game winner.

That’s right – if you’re coaching out your games we’re giving you the option to setup your own plays coming out of timeouts to try and get exactly the look you want with the player you want in the location you want it. Of course plays never work out 100% of the time and they still won’t here but it sure will be fun putting the power to draw up a game winner in your hands.

Draw up a great play out of a timeout

Draw up a great play out of a timeout

Well that’s going to do it for this developer diary –  release is just days away now. Hoops nirvana awaits – time to answer the call with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2017.