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February 3, 2017

DDS: Pro Football 2016 gets an update for the big game!

Greetings football fans! We know you’re gearing up for the big game this weekend and even though our football line was focused entirely on the release of DDS: College Football 2017 this season game developer Brooks Piggott still wanted to work up something on the pro game for his fans.

Brooks has released a FREE update to DDS:PF 2016 which includes the following

1) New 2016-2017 rosters
2) Fixes for bad team id’s in historical imports… should be able to re-create any league from 1970 forward (1960-1970 may be possible but I haven’t tested each year)
3) Fixes for CSV export
4) Fix for crashes when personalities were disabled
5) Updated training camps
6) Updated rank players screen
7) Updated custom playbooks (filters and updating of weights)
8) Added original position label to player form
9) Updates to prevent/penalize backs going over 25-30 carries.

If you haven’t purchased DDS: Pro Football 2016 then head over to the webstore and get your copy now. If you do have the game and would like the free update or just want to try out a free demo of it then hit up our downloads page and you can grab it there. Enjoy the big game!

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