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April 14, 2017

Reviewing our DDS:PB 2017 Season Preview

At the beginning of the season this year we put Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2017 to the test and simulated the 2016-17 season. Now with the regular season in the books lets take a look back and see what sort of predictions the game made and how accurate they turned out.

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OK so let’s start with the championship prediction – the game predicted Golden State would take home the crown and there’s a pretty good chance that might happen but it did predict they would defeat Indiana to do so. Indiana looked a whole lot better on paper (and in code) before the season but they did make the playoffs so I guess we will have to see how that one plays out still.

As for the division winners DDS:PB predicted Boston, Indiana and Atlanta in the East with Golden State, San Antonio and OKC out West. Boston, Golden State and San Antonio all won their divisions while Atlanta and OKC finished second and Indiana only finished in third.

Other playoff teams predicted were Cleveland, Orlando, Charlotte, Philly and Chicago (2/5 there) and LA, Sacramento, Houston, Portland and Minnesota (3/5 there)

DDS:PB 17 predicted James Harden would thrive in Mike D’Antoni’s offense and would lead the league in scoring – he finished second to Russell Westbrook.

Speaking of Beastbrook – the game predicted he would go for 28.6/9.2/7.1 which at the time seemed like really lofty numbers. Instead he averaged 31.6/10.4/10.7 – just averaged a triple double per game, no big deal…Our favorite quote from our preview was “Our sim shows him dropping 40 or more 11 times out of 82 games. The crazy thing is that number might actually be low!” – turns out we were right to suspect that could be low as he did it 18 times including 4 50+ games! Maybe he used a cheat code!

Our other Misc Predictions from the game

  • Brandon Ingram wins ROY – almost certainly will not be the case
  • Dallas wins the lottery while paying Barnes 90+ million for 13.5 PPG – Barnes averaged 19.2 PPG but Dallas did miss the playoffs and could win the lottery
  • Chicago shoots 45% from the field due to spacing issues with Rondo, Wade and Butler all on the same team – Chicago actually only shot 43.2% from the floor
  • Biggest disappointment Toronto – Toronto did manage to be the three seed in the East but in our defense we said we figured them missing the playoffs was an outlying event with the sim and that they might need to make a move during the season which they did in getting Ibaka.
  • Least surprising team Houston – we predicted Houston would give up 111.9 PPG but they actually were only 5th worst in the league giving up 109.6 PPG. Defense took a back seat in the league this year as 5 teams including Houston gave up more PPG than the worst team did the prior year. Guess we can expect a scoring bump in DDS:PB 2018

All in all we’re pretty pleased with the realism and accuracy of the sim and it gets better with each version. Don’t forget to get in our our playoff sale while you can and look for more blog posts from us as we will sim the conference and league finals again this season.

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