Hello sports fans! As we close out the month of July we have a number of exciting new things to talk about and we have been looking forward to sharing some of these new and exciting changes.

The first thing is our annual summer sale will begin tomorrow and run through August 15th – no better way to wind down your summer and gear up for our new season of exciting offerings than by picking up some great deals. Look for more details tomorrow!

Speaking of the new season – how excited are you for Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018? The team has been hard at work and we cannot wait to debut the game trailer, some screenshots and talk about some of the new features coming very, very soon. Make sure that you have gone to www.draftdaysports.com and have signed up for the latest news on the game so that we can deliver news right to your email box in the coming weeks.

One thing we are focusing on with DDS:Pro Football and Pro Basketball this season is getting the community more involved with the games especially with roster building. In the past this may have been a difficult task but if you visit our forums you will see we have moved all the mods into one section near the top and have started a section for DDS:PF18 and DDS:PB18. In the coming days we’re going to be providing info there to help you and the rest of the community be able to be much more active in creating and sharing roster files and making sure there is plenty of time to get them going before this season’s games are released.

Over the course of a season we get many comments regarding how some players are rated and also requests for updating files because of trades or for a new rookie class etc…we felt that these things are really best addressed by the community at large. There are some amazing modders out there who have provided logos, courts, player photos and all kinds of stuff over the years and sharing those things with the community has really upped the level of enjoyment of the games. We want to help provide you the tools to do just as good a job with the roster modifications going forward so be on the lookout in the mods section for DDS:PF18 and DDS:PB18 for more info. We are very excited to be able to focus even more time going forward on providing exciting new features and making the games even better than they have been.

Also as part of the changes we have decided that FaceOff Hockey would be moving with its developer to its own site. More details are available in our FOH forum and we thank Brian for his years of hard working keeping FOH going and we look forward to finding a new developer here that can provide the same great career based experience with hockey as we have with football and basketball.

Our new season of games is approaching very rapidly and we cannot wait to share the 2018 lineup with you! As always keep watch in your email, on Facebook, Twitter and right here in our blog for the latest details!