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August 14, 2017

DDS: Pro Football 2018 – First Look!

Your First Look at Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2018


Pro Football is back, and it’s better than ever…

Well football fans, the wait is almost over; Pro Football is back and it’s better than ever.  Over the next few weeks, ahead of an early September launch, we are going to be taking a virtual tour through the key features and developments of Pro Football 2018.  That’s not all though. We have a lot more information coming on the game that promises to redefine the Football Sim genre, so like our page or join the mailing list at www.draftdaysports.com and you’ll be the first to know when it drops.


“With the first pick in the 2018 draft…”

It’s a day sports fans and collegiate athletes circle on their calendars and await with excitement and anticipation; as general managers and coaching teams assemble in the war room to decide who will be the next budding superstar to join the franchise.  With so many choices, getting it right can propel the franchise to success overnight; getting it wrong can lead to the unemployment line.  Rarely is there a tougher choice to be made, and now the decision is yours!

Pro Football 2018 features an all new draft presentation allowing you to immerse yourself in the draft day experience taking control of shaping your own franchise.


Take control of your war room!

Once the draft has started you can enter your war room and browse through all the eligible players; checking stats, traits, history and comparing them with other prospects to build your own draft list.  As the picks fly in you monitor your list in the hope that the ‘your guy’ is still available when it’s your pick.  Then you welcome him to the franchise, give your virtual team a virtual high five, and focus on your next pick

You have the choice to watch the draft play out in full or, safe in the knowledge your prospect list is settled, you can opt to skip the CPU picks until it’s your turn again.  There is even an option to set your list and let the draft play out in full sim mode, just make sure you set your player order right before you do to avoid any unexpected surprises!  And as the draft draws to a close you can sit back and bask in the glory of your triumphant day by recapping the draft in its entirety, or by team.  Don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors’ picks; always be game planning!

Build that roster!

Just as you finish that cold celebratory beer, it’s time to hunt for the real gems in free agency.  You now have the opportunity to bid for the best undrafted talent in the nation; you decide how much they are worth to your franchise, but get it right or someone else may be reaping the benefits of the next overlooked Hall of Famer!

That’s it for this week guys, but keep coming back for more exciting updates on what we have in store for you in Pro Football 2018.  Next time we will be taking a look at in game roster management, tactics, training and strategy to help you build your dynasty.


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