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August 21, 2017

DDS: Pro Football 2018 – 2nd Down!

Taking Another Look Around DDS: PF 2018


Welcome back football fans as we continue our virtual tour through Pro Football 2018. Today we take a look at the gameplay features that you can use to help build your dynasty.  This week, we are focusing on roster management, controlling your depth chart and setting your team strategy so you can work towards your first championship and a step towards being immortalized in the hall of fame!

“The draft went well coach but its time to set the roster”

Getting down to the right 53-man roster can be as challenging as maximizing your draft picks.  Cut too many of one position group and you’re one injury away from disaster, carry too many players on offense and maybe you don’t have the personnel to run all your defensive packages.  A great roster will be the foundation for a good year, get it wrong….

Pro Football 2018 has a user-friendly roster management screen that helps you make the right decisions.  You can manage your current roster, practice squad and injured reserve list all from one place with the ability to click and compare players as you do.  There is even a handy position count tool that helps you get the roster composition right.

“Is he going to line up as a running back or a wide receiver, coach?”

Got a guy on the roster that played every snap in college as running back, but as all great coaches do, you saw something in him? You saw his hands were what makes him great, the crispness of his routes out of the back field are like nothing you’ve seen from a running back before, and it was enough for you to trade up in the draft and put your name on the pick. Pro Football 18 gives you the opportunity to change a player’s position on his ‘player card’, so you can maximize his production in your scheme.

From the ‘player card’, you can also handle all business related to the player, assigning jersey numbers, using the compare tool and contract management including signing, releasing and extensions.

“We got one heck of a QB competition going on”

Sick of being asked the same question at press conferences like “Is there a front runner for the QB job?” and “Have you seen enough from him to keep the jersey?”. The answer is simple, its time you set your depth charts.  The ‘Depth’ screen allows you to set a master depth chart with a series of drop down menus or if you trust your coaching team you can make use of the ‘AI Set All’ button to speed the process up and adjust from there.  Pro Football 2018 is all about choice and customization to help you get the most out of your team.  You can even drill down to specific formations in your playbook and adjust your depth chart for those formations.  Want a running back that runs hard for your I-form plays but more of a speedy pass catching back for your shotgun plays? Get it done.

“You got the players, they’ve got their roles, but how are you going to play?”

Are you going to be known for aggressive defense, pounding the rock or airing the ball out?  Hop into the ‘Strategy’ screen and set your team up to play how you want it to.  On the ‘Game Plan’ screen you can set your style, tempo, how your tight ends will play, who your primary read in the passing game is, who is the Mike and what kind of attitude your team will display on the field.

Jump into the ‘Playbook’ screen and you can set what types of play your team will run in various game situations, for example at third and short on the offensive side of the ball you may want to run the ball 90% of the time, and on the defensive side of the ball, this may be a heavy blitzing down for you.

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