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August 28, 2017

DDS: Pro Football 2018 – Game Day Approaches

Kickoff Is Coming!

Well football fans, we have a very special treat for you this week.  Not only are we going to take a walk through the gameday engine, but you also get to see the brand-new trailer for Pro Football 2018.  That’s right, we are doubling down on the excitement this week as we edge closer to launch date. More on the trailer at the end of this segment.

Game day is here coach

Just as the smell of grilled meat and beer suds from the tailgate subsides and the fans have taken their seats, all eyes switch to the field and more importantly what you, the head coach are going to do next.  Have you locked in the right roster?  Have you perfected your scheme? Have you done your homework on your opponent?  They’ve been having a great year so far but will today be the day that your team overpowers them in their own back yard?  We’re about to find out!

“What’s the play coach?”

The game day engine provides a slick and easy to use interface that gives you everything you need to navigate your way through game day.  You take on the role of offensive and defensive coordinators by selecting plays from your playbook and embarking on an epic game of cat and mouse with your opponent.  Just like in real life, calling a pass play against a nickel defense could be fatal, whereas making the decision to run up the gut of a 2-man front when its least expected could get you that vital fist down you need to keep the offense rolling.

Within your playbook, you get to choose the formation and the play, giving you a huge amount of variety.  There are also options at playbook with the team specific playbook or a default option to open your offense up further.  Once you have called your play, sit back and watch it play out on 2D.  Did you make the right call?  Is your rookie wide receiver about to take it to the house or is your quarterback hitting the turf before he can release the ball?  You’ll soon find out.

It’s all about the stats man

The game day screen also shows you a breakdown of stats as the game progresses so you can keep an eye on how your guys are playing.  Clicking on ‘Box Score’ will also a breakdown of team stats and scoring summary for you to analyse.  Maybe next time you’ll give that third string half back a run out instead if number 4 isn’t getting it done.  This is a results business son.

Pulled off a play that had you jumping out of your arm chair and want to see it again? Hit the ‘view replay’ button. Need to wrap this game up quicker?  The ‘CPU finish’ button will get it done for you.  I guess we will really see if you set your team up right now coach.

That’s it for this week in the blog as we edge closer and closer to release date but the goodies don’t stop there.  Click right here to view the trailer for DDS: Pro Football 2018 and get ready – game day is almost here and it will be time to build your dynasty!

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