We Need Your Help To Determine The Greatest Champion!

As we wind down our testing and prepare for pre-release orders as well as the releasing of more info on the game we’re going to be using the new Tournament Maker feature of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018 to run a 16 team tournament to crown the greatest champion of the post-merger era and we want your help.

Head over to the thread on our forums and post in there your top 16 seeds – the only qualifications are that they must have won the championship and done so in the post-merger era. We will tally up the votes from here and on social media and put the tournament together and then sim it out right here in the blog to determine who truly is the champion of champions.

Also ICYMI make sure you head over to our YouTube page where you can find the trailer for DDS: PB 2018 and check out our previous blog post detailing some of the new and exciting features coming this season in DDS: PB 2018 – we look forward to seeing you on the court real soon!