The much anticipated Tournament of Champions being simulated with the new Tournament Maker feature of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018 is underway. If you missed out on the opening two games, click right here and read the results.

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(14) ’03 Detroit @ (3) ’95 Chicago

Detroit played to their strategy of grinding out a low scoring game but couldn’t provide much offense


Larry Legend closes it out from the stripe in this low scoring slugfest


An ugly one for sure but ’85 Boston advances 79-62


(13) ’07 Boston @ (4) ’16 Golden State

Golden State showing early that Big 4 > Big 3


Boston’s bench grinds the game back within a couple


Draymond being Draymond taking the outlet pass coast to coast to build the lead


The route is on as Golden State sets out to prove the deserved better then the four seed


’16 Golden State takes it 120-97



Four games down now – who doesn’t want to see the dream matchup of ’95 Chicago and ’16 Golden State? Love to hear your thoughts on the tournament on our forum, Facebook or Twitter and definitely you do not want to miss out on the pre-order savings so head over to the webstore pronto!