The much anticipated Tournament of Champions being simulated with the new Tournament Maker feature of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018 is underway. If you missed out on the opening games, click here and here to read up.

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(12) ’84 Los Angeles @ (5) ’98 San Antonio

Kareem going to work early getting The Admiral in some early foul trouble


The GPFOAT a bright spot in a low scoring first half


Magic did all he could to make it close but San Antonio found answers…sometimes from unexpected places


San Antonio takes it 90-82


(11) ’08 Los Angeles @ (6) ’90 Chicago

MJ vs Kobe – a dream matchup


MJ’s Robin making a big contribution in the first half of another low scoring game


Chicago breaks it open with a triple from Armstrong


Kobe tries to mount a comeback but its too little, too late


Two all time greats went head to head and Chicago prevails 82-72


(10) ’13 San Antonio @ (7) ’88 Detroit

Joe D getting off to a hot start


One of the Bad Boys bringing the pain early and often


Laimbeer punishing the duo of Splitter/Bonner all night long


Paging Kawhi Leonard…one of eight not going to get it done against the Bad Boys


Detroit gets double digits from six players (not even Thomas) and wins 92-74


(9) ’12 Miami @ (8) ’00 Los Angeles

Kobe trying to see that LA doesn’t go 0-4 in the tournament


Miami has no answer early for Kobe and Shaq


LeBron tries to mount a second half comeback to little avail


When Isaiah “don’t call me J.R.” Rider drops more on you than anyone on your team it was a bad night. LA salvages something here with a 89-78 victory.



Eight teams remain – only one can win. Love to hear your thoughts on the tournament on our forum, Facebook or Twitter and definitely you do not want to miss out on the pre-order savings so head over to the webstore pronto!