The much anticipated Tournament of Champions being simulated with the new Tournament Maker feature of Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2018 is underway. If you missed out on the opening games, click here and you’ll see all the action in the blog.

Before we do though have you checked out what is new for DDS: Pro Basketball 2018? What about checking out the trailer? Want to save on the game? This is also the final weekend you can go to the webstore save 10% (or 20% if you purchased DDS:PB 2017 from by pre-ordering! You also get access to the final beta builds and a free key for the game on Steam when it is available there. Check out the games below and then come back here to hit up the webstore and order!

(1) ’95-96 Chicago vs (8) ’00-01 Los Angeles

Kobe getting the better of MJ this time around early on


Jordan storms back to give Chicago a lead


MJ fouls out, Kobe and Shaq take control


The Worm is the unlikely hero winning the game for Chicago


82-81 Chicago wins – what a terrific matchup!


(15) ’82-83 Philadelphia vs (7) ’88-89 Detroit

The Doctor helps build an early lead


Spider brings the Bad Boys back before the half


Too much from the Doctor tonight for Detroit to handle

Who you calling a 15 seed? Philly wins 104-87


(3) ’85-86 Boston vs (6) ’90-91 Chicago

Larry Legend vs MJ


DJ stealing the show with a big first half


Jordan on his way to another big game puts Chicago ahead


McHale comes up big near the end of the game


Bird 38 – Jordan 36….Boston wins 97-88 in a dreamy matchup


(4) ’16-17 Golden State v (5) ’98-99 San Antonio

This one starts off with some nice offense and a tight back and forth game


But then it takes a turn for the ugly as baskets are few and far between


Then Golden State turns on the offense


Jaren Jackson looking to be a hero again this round


The Admiral with a HUGE block to prevent Green from tying it up


Only fitting his partner would follow it up with another huge play


San Antonio keeps the score low and wins a slugfest 82-80


How about these last four?


Eight teams remain – only one can win. Love to hear your thoughts on the tournament on our forum, Facebook or Twitter and definitely you do not want to miss out on the pre-order savings so head over to the webstore pronto!