We are very excited to announce that Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf will be released here on July 17, 2018! DDS:PG will also be released on Steam as well.

If you missed our initial announcement about the game, click here to read it and check out those initial screenshots.

Today we want to show off some more screenshots and talk about some more new things for DDS: Pro Golf. DDS:PG is going to ship with two beautiful courses – the Wolverine Golf Club and Florida Bay. Extensive work has gone into building the courses to bring you an incredible visual experience. See for yourself!

The Wolverine Golf Club

Florida Bay

Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf will come with a built-in course design tool which will allow you to create quick and easy courses to play around on too – they won’t have the detail of the stock courses (unless someone gets really, really creative with custom textures) but you’ll be able to knock out courses very quickly just to fill out your schedule if you want some more variety. Don’t worry though we’re going to make additional courses as quickly as possible and they’ll be available for sale in our webstore for a small cost – we’ll even have course bundles. More on that later on.

In addition to the courses looking better and the overall gameplay screen getting a huge upgrade from the Total Pro Golf series we’ve added more on course control in putting. When you’re on the green you will be able to read both the break and the speed. Your readouts will be influenced by your skills and those of your caddy and you’ll be asked to enter a number from 0-10 for both the break and the speed of your putt. If you think the green is slow then you enter a low number for speed. If you think it has a huge break then you enter a high number for break. Your success on the putt will be influenced by how close or far away you were from the way the hole is playing that day. It’s another neat little feature that really steps up the challenge in DDS:PG.

A new challenge looms for putting

We hope you’re as excited for DDS:PG as we are getting golf back in our lineup here at Wolverine Studios. Don’t forget to check out the trailer in our YouTube channel too and we’ll see you in mid-July to tee off with Draft Day Sports: Pro Golf.