Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2019 Prepares To Hit The Court

We are very excited to announce that DDS: Pro Basketball 2019 has moved into its final pre-release state and is ready for our FirstAccess program. FirstAccess allows you to download beta versions of the game after you pre-order and receive a license key and helps our company by getting our game in front of not only more testers but people who are invested in the game itself by pre-ordering. Details for out FirstAccess program for DDS:PB 2019 can be found at this link.

Before we get on to talking about most of the cool new features and updates in this year’s version let’s talk about that pre-order deal. Right now you can pre-order DDS:PB 2019 in our webstore and we’ve got two coupon codes to make sure everyone is covered. If you purchased DDS:PB 2018 from us here at wolverinestudios.com we want to especially thank you for your loyalty in purchasing here and we’re offering you 20% off when you upgrade to PB19. To get this 20% off go to the webstore, put DDS:PB 2019 in your cart, enter all of your personal information first including the same email address you used when purchasing PB18 and then enter coupon code PB19LOYAL and hit apply. If you’re new to the series or purchased elsewhere before like on Steam then we have a 10% pre-order savings for you. Just use coupon code PB19PRE at checkout.

In addition to getting some big savings and immediately getting a license key and being able to download the beta and participate in our FirstAccess program if you wish (its totally optional but we appreciate the help) you also will receive a FREE key for the game on Steam whenever it becomes available there. So if you prefer to play on Steam, that’s fine – pre-order here and save yourself some money and you’ll be able to contact us for a key when its ready. Remember this offer is good ONLY for those who pre-order. Once the FirstAccess program ends and the game is officially launched this offer will go away.

With that said let’s get on to some of the cool new features in DDS: Pro Basketball 2019

  • NEW offensive and defensive schemes : choose an offensive philosophy that suits your roster like “pace & space” or speed it up with the “seven seconds” offense. Defensively choose how your team will play man to man defense. Will you rush the three point line and force players into your shot-blocking center or will you lay off and hide your weak interior defense? Even set game specific matchups to make sure your best defenders are on the players you want them to guard.
  • NEW playing styles : select either Challenge Mode to take on a team and hope you don’t get fired by ownership or Sandbox Mode where you can change teams each season if you like
  • NEW ownership goals and budgets : ownership now provides you with specific budget guidelines for roster and coaching/training staff in addition to demands for roster quality. Goals are clearly laid out for you on your home office screen and its up to you to hit them or suffer the consequences.
  • NEW graphical improvements : all new player photos, jerseys and a brand spanking new UI
  • NEW lottery choices : use the old method, the new method coming next season or give every team an equal chance for the top picks
  • NEW in game improvements : check out the season preview and see who were the key acquisitions and losses for each team, edit coach names, see the additional data provided for lineup tracking and enjoy the new changes to 2D mode to let you make all of your lineup and strategy changes right from the game screen itself.
  • NEW sim modes : new sim speed modes let you zip through the season or go slow enough to see the top players from each game simmed. Start a career without owning a team and you can set the game to sim multiple seasons into the future before you take over to build up a history

That’s just some of the great new improvements you will find in this season’s version. If you are looking for more info don’t forget the official DDS:PB homepage or our previous announcement on the game. We can’t wait for you to check out the game and see it all for yourself. As we said, your chance to save on our pre-order is limited so don’t waste another minute. Get to the webstore, pre-order Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2019 and #BuildYourDynasty today!