Welcome to something new for the Wolverine Studios blog – we’re calling it #FeatureFriday and we’re going to highlight either some of our favorite features in our games or some features that might go unnoticed with the depth our games have. With conference tournament season in full swing and the big dance less than a week away what better topic to feature right out of the gate than the Selection Show in Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2019. Don’t forget to comment below and share this blog post!

With our suite of Draft Day Sports games our goal is to draw you into a world of your own with great detail and exciting visuals. Now we could have simply just let the game advance to the tournament stage or even just given you an in-game email (which we do) stating which of the four postseason tournaments you made (if any) but why stop there? We wanted to give you the excitement and the sweat of finding out what seed you would be or if you even were lucky enough to make the 68 team field.

The panel highlights the benefits of the play-in games

The in game selection show breaks down every single matchup in the first round offering quick takes while you wait anxiously for your team to come up on the screen.

Even the commentator knows the better ranked seeds are always at risk

Now if you happened to win your conference tournament you know you’re in and are just waiting to see where the selection committee has determined your seeding but for those at-large bids, especially those teams that were hovering on the bubble (which you can see with the Bubble Watch – located in the game under the Association Media link) there’s nothing more nerve wracking than to have your championship hopes in the hands of the selection committee.

You can view teams on the bubble from February 1 until the Selection Show

Are you ready to experience the excitement of March Madness? It all starts with the Selection Show and this is an amazing way to experience that in the game! If you think you are on the edge of your seat watching the real thing to see if your favorite school is getting into the big dance that will be nothing compared to wondering whether all of your hard work in the game is going to get rewarded with a ticket to the dance or if you’ll suffer the disappointment of having to play in one of the three other post-season tournaments and waiting next year for your chance to dance.

If you’re ready to experience this all for yourself you can find out more about the game including trying a free demo and if you’re ready to jump in then go right to the webstore and get your copy today! Don’t forget to comment below on what you think of this feature – please note that you are not required to leave any information to comment.