Introducing Featured Leagues - Wolverine Studios

It’s a new year and we’re very excited to be introducing a brand new program to encourage and support our community…introducing Featured Leagues.

So why this program? Our biggest challenge as an independent game development company is getting our games out there and one of the best ways we have of promoting the games is by word of mouth. Online leagues are a fantastic source for this especially when they are producing innovative and interesting content.

Featured Leagues will receive special placement on our website and forums to help players looking for a league find one to join. In addition to placement on the website we will also offer social media posts from time to time to encourage new member sign-up. As an added incentive when new versions of our games are released league members will qualify for an even better discount that our current pre-order promotional pricing. Best of all this isn’t a program where we will only select certain leagues – any league can qualify if they operate under certain criteria.

There are two requirements to be considered for Featured League designation. The league must commit to remaining on the most current version of our games. When new versions are released we want these leagues showing off the latest and greatest new features. The other is that the league must consistently produce media content that can be shared over social media (and tagging us in posts so that we can share them). Some examples would be streaming simulations or a weekly league podcast. We know we have some extremely creative people in our community and we can’t wait to see what you can come up with!

Leagues can run in any fashion they want – in fact the more options out there the better to give prospective players more choices. So how can your league be considered for this designation? Simple – all you have to do is show us what you’re capable of and abide by the stated requirements and then contact us through our support link and ask to be considered for Featured League status.

Along with this announcement of this new program we’re happy to announce the creation of our first Featured League. The Sim Sports Gaming DDS: College Football League will be kicking off soon and given their fantastic content creation for other leagues we know this one will be a five star league complete with a unique real-time sim schedule and weekly podcast feature. You can click here to apply to join their league.

We invite all of the fine leagues out there to be part of this program and we look forward to seeing some amazing content being created in 2020 and beyond!