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Our latest installment of our Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 dynasty saw us head into season three. Are you just catching up? We have been running a fictional dynasty on Twitch with streams every Tuesday night at 7:30PM EST. Sometimes we even sneak in the occasional extra stream here and there. That’s why notifications are important!

High hopes…

Armed with a new coaching staff and the third member of our big three (PF Jamar Thompson) as well as a couple of key free agent depth signings I had high hopes coming into the season. One thing I quickly realized is that things don’t always go according to plan in this basketball sim.

The season started out incredibly slow with a sub .500 record for the first couple months. It was at that point I began to worry about the future. After all, our position as general manager was on rocky ground. I had completely ignored ownership’s mandate to spend less money. I also let the prior staff take the fall for the lack of playoff success in seasons one and two. With our aging star player Ernest Mouring in a contract year it appeared time to rebuild.

Everyone has a run in them…

Then out of nowhere an amazing hot streak in the month of January. Our Orlando Mystics were now in the playoff race. With days to go until the trade deadline and our Twitch stream viewers suggesting we blow it up a tough decision lay ahead. I did the only thing I could do. We forged ahead hoping for a miraculous finish and playoff run to save the season (and my job).

Mouring, Overton and Thompson not only stepped up but led us to the sixth seed. It was the third straight playoff appearance for Orlando. The first round opponent was the resurgent Indiana Racers. Indiana quickly went from league doormat to serious contender thanks to a ton of cap space that scored the prize of the prior summer’s free agent class. In a lucky break for us he broke his elbow just prior to the playoffs so despite being the underdog we managed a 4-2 series victory and our hopes stayed alive.

One down…

Those hopes were short lived though as our next opponent, New York, was more than ready for us. New York’s desire to exact revenge started in free agency when they grossly overpaid our backup point guard Erik Okelley to be their new starter and they finished the job with a 4-1 stomping of us on their way to the championship.

Unfortunately the day of reckoning was at hand for me after that. Ownership was not only upset with the season result but also for the fact that I had spent more than $30 million over their player budget for a second straight year. My chances were up. The walking papers served.

It was a great run in Orlando but this basketball sim mirrors real life. Three straight playoff seasons didn’t outweigh the owner and his unrealistic demands. There are six other teams who let their general manager go this offseason as well and I’ve narrowed my hopes to two of the jobs. Philadelphia has the 2nd overall pick in the upcoming draft. It is always tempting to be able to draft a star and build around him. Phoenix is my other hope. They’re coming off making the playoffs for the first time in three seasons. The Beams have a star young power forward, a center I coveted in the draft two years prior and a ton of cap space. Will I be able to land one of those jobs? Tune in to our stream on Tuesday to see!