Shaun Sullivan to expand role with Wolverine Studios - Wolverine Studios

For those of you unaware of Shaun Sullivan, he has been a fixture in the world of computer sports games for over two decades. Fans of the old Front Page Sports Football series might remember him as one of the creators of some of your favorite add-on utilities that helped make online multiplayer leagues super realistic. In the past Shaun has lent his development talents to our golf series and Shaun also was the architect of a fantastic baseball sim titled PureSim Baseball which even had a few versions released under our umbrella years ago.

Last year we were extremely fortunate to pick up our relationship with Shaun again as we worked closely with him merging his Alchemium Unlimited platform with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2020 and Draft Day Sports: College Basketball 2020. The results of that partnership have spoken for themselves as the basketball titles received a beautiful new interface with expanded capabilities. All in all it was an entire refresh of an already outstanding series.

This year Shaun has once again been lending his talents to Wolverine Studios as he has continued to sharpen AU and has been working both with Gary Gorski on the next gen of the basketball games as well as with Brooks Piggott in helping to bring AU to Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2021. The combo of an already fantastic game and the Alchemium Unlimited platform are sure to make our Draft Day Sports: Football titles the premier football sim games on the market this fall.

Shaun’s role in the company also will be taking on further expansion in 2020. After the successful combinations of AU with our annual Draft Day Sports titles, Shaun will be once again working directly in product development with the company. We look forward to continuing to work with Shaun to deliver the best sports simulation game experiences possible.